News McCool returning?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Senhor Perfect, Sep 20, 2013.

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  2. Always liked her, She was good in the ring. I say bring her back :obama:
  3. If *she's* coming back, can The Undertaker be far behind?
  4. No, Undertaker is older than her, He has been wrestling for far many more years and he is banged up. Man is a legend and I have no issue with him returning once a year to defend the streak and put on fantastic matches with the likes of CM Punk, HBK and Edge.
  5. Meh. Want to see her back, but she may appear in Total Diva's next season and I won't really like her that much.
  6. i would like to bring her back to reunite LayCool
  7. Not a bad idea at all. She was good in ring and played her character very well too, would be nice if she came back.
  8. Imagine her coming back and having a feud with AJ , it would be sweet
  9. She's all-round really good. I'd be all for a return from McCool.
  10. McCool is too cool fo skool.
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  11. Taker doesn't want wifey on the road without him...he's smarter than that
  12. Maybe it's to make McCool vs Undertaker for the streak? :ksi:

    For real, it would be a good idea to bring her in. They could use her as part of the Total Diva's add on, I'm sure people would be interested to see her life with Taker(in before people bitch about Total Divas), or she could side with AJ and say that she is against it and is better than it. Either way, I would enjoy seeing her as a heel than a face.
  13. :isee: you sneaky lady, you.

    I dont care, sure, bring her back.
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  14. I always though McCool was a decent in-ring worker, it'd be nice to see her come back and possibly feud with AJ Lee.
  15. This would be good, I've never been a fan of her's, but she was a great wrestler and she can really improve the divas division.
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  16. I was always a fan of Michelle McCool. I think WWE would find a good Divas storyline for her. And, she's not cool. She's McCool. I didn't like that joke either.
  17. Good news! But fix the first post please D:!
  18. Keep that slut out of WWE. She slept her way to the top with Undertaker and then she fucked off with him to have a kid. She has no place in WWE
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