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WWE attempted to bolster this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw with two title matches heading into the next big pay-per-view, Survivor Series. And wouldn’t you know it, it actually worked!

Indeed, this week’s show drew 1.78 million viewers, up from last week’s 1.69 million. The hourly breakdown shows that fans stuck around for Drew McIntyre winning the WWE championship back from Randy Orton in the night’s main event:

Hour one: 1.87 million
Hour two: 1.74 million
Hour three: 1.73 million

It wasn’t all good news, as the Wrestling Observer points out:

The total audience was up five percent, but 18-49 was down four percent and 18-34 was down eight percent. Unlike last week, where the women’s audience maintained, this week it was different. From the first-to-third hour, women 18-49 were down 25 percent, showing women not being nearly as interested in the title match. Men 18-49 were up one percent, which is very unusual, but not unexpected. Teenage girls dropped 21 percent and teenage boys were up eight percent. Over 50 only dropped two percent, which is exceedingly low.

But, hey, take the good news where you can get it, right?

Get complete Raw results and the live blog from this week’s show here. For a full recap of all the night’s events click here. For highlights from all the action click here.

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It's a tough year for sports but man I am glad wrestling will get some more viewers with it. Without being live it's really though for everyone to gather a crowd when most people are on their laptops all day due to school or work from home.

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