McIntyre Blames Talent For "Filler"

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Solid Snake, Jun 11, 2018.

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    "No matter what it is, don't blame creative." McIntyre elaborated, "don't sit there with the boo-hoo face. You figure out the story and you tell the story because there are other people in NXT waiting to take your spot if you're not willing to step up on RAW."

    "I understand that RAW is the best show in the world." McIntyre explained, "it's the best product in the world today as evidenced by the TV deals we're getting and the consistent ratings. We have the best talent. But also, we have five hours with SmackDown every week. And as goof as a lot of it is, there is a lot of filler in there and a lot of guys just sitting around. They just don't have the passion. It's as simple as that. I can say it because I was that guy before I got released. I was that guy at some point. I wasn't confident. I wasn't pushing myself to get to the top. I wasn't bettering myself in the gym. I wasn't pitching stories. I wasn't trying to be a better performer. I think that a lot of people forget they're in WWE and get complacent. It makes me sick because [Ross has] seen the independent scene right now. [Ross] know how much talent is out there. I was NXT Champion. I know how much talent is there. They've got the fire in their eyes. They're ready to take those spots and I'm there to make sure Monday Night RAW is all killer. We don't need any filler anymore. It all trickles down from the top, like, the whole industry. Monday Night RAW needs to be killer from top to bottom. And right now, there is room for improvement and I'm there to be the wakeup call that it needs."

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  2. Yeah I don't know why the actual wrestlers themselves think of a reason for beef. Kinda like what Miz and Corbin did going into Survivor Series 2017. Make up your own shit
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  4. This is such a drone thing to say that it is is sickening...William Wallace would be be disappointed with Drew.
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  5. I mean there is a lot of filler on Raw.

    I think the reason for talent being complacent shouldn't be blamed on the talent. We should blame WWE for creating an environment where wrestlers become complacent. It's like moaning Mcdonalds staff for being demotivated, its Mcdonalds fault. Blaming the talent could be a way of motivation tho.
  6. I mean I agree, but the reason they're filler is because unless you're Daniel Bryan you're gonna end up like Zack Ryder
  7. Mainly because you get in a bunch of trouble for essentially no reason whatsoever. It's the idea of "It's my show, not yours, so you don't do anything without me saying you can!" The most recent example is Mojo Rawley, he did a bunch of amazing promos for his match against Zach Ryder on twitter. Apparently all the wrestlers, creative, and Vince McMahon loved it. His prize? His match was put on the preshow and he's been nothing since
  8. we don't know what happens behind the scene.
  9. This strikes me as a load of crap being spewed just so his bosses know he's on their side. Look at this nonsense:

    A piece of shit will remain a piece of shit no matter how many times it's dipped in chocolate pudding. Bad stories do not become good simply because they cast good wrestlers as the lead performers. Blaming filler on the talent and rather than the show length is preposterous. You want less filler? Trim down the length of the show so that there isn't any room for filler in the first place. Expecting people to make every meaningless match feel meaningful whenever this company actively shuts people down whenever they become too popular for WWE's liking (Zack Ryder, Bad News Barrett) strikes me as ignorant.

    And those NXT kiddos are going to end up behaving the exact same way as the people they're supposed to replace. NXT stars do not perform anywhere near as well on the main roster as they do in NXT, plain and simple.
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  10. You can't expect that from everybody. But the ones that do (Miz) show that they are good at their jobs. That's all Mcintyre is saying.

    No denying if everybody had the attitude of Miz we wouldn't be having so much filler because wrestlers will be working so hard to be stars with the TV time they get.
  11. Yes, if WWE doesn't pull the plug on them the instant they start getting too good. Vince's views matter more than talent.

    Filler is anything that isn't relevant to the main storylines on the show in question. It doesn't matter how hard Apollo Crews works with Mojo Rawley to have a good match. The purpose for their match is to soak up time. That purpose doesn't change no matter how hard they work.
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  12. That just isn't true. They can still do something that can have a lasting impression on someone.
  13. The Chosen One just saying what Vince wants to hear.
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  14. That could be what the wrestler is thinking, but the company? They're more likely thinking "fill this time in to cool down the crowd before we start the main event".

    Then Reigns gets booed to hell once said main event starts.
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