McIntyre new gimmick?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. Lol not sure if I'll like this.
  2. I think his current gimmick is quitte good and impressive.
    His entrance is epic, and he is being a man who does not stand back from a challenge.
    A playboy gimmic. Well, since John Morrison left, we are missing one of these guys.
  3. From what I've seen, he's not talented enough to make any gimmick success. I don't know what people see in him, tbh.
  4. I do see future in McIntyre..
    Not a man of many words and let's it out in the ring.
    Too bad he is jobbing against Santino atm.
  5. He's a good wrestler, can talk, and has a decent look I think. He's the sort of guy who could pull off an original gimmick.
  6. He is the chosen one by Mr.McMahon i say this guy has alot of talent considering McMahon is a fan of him.
  7. Was just a gimmick my friend, not real.
  8. I was being sarcastic brah
  9. Give him that and let him feud with Brodus over his dancers.
  10. Arrogant, playboy? That will never work


    Randy Orton
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  11. "Hey, this guy looks like Fabio, lets make him act like it!"

    I think the reason he didn't get over was that he debuted as a monster heel around the same time as the Batista heel turn and Sheamus's first push. Sheamus was feuding with Cena, Batista destroyed Rey Mysterio, Drew was beating up R-Truth and Matt Hardy. The fans love violence, they wouldn't be wrestling fans if they didn't. A post-match beatdown against someone as beloved as Rey or Cena will make you look like a sick son of a bitch, but beating up an out-of-shape has-been and an 50 Cent wannabe assclown will simply entertain the fans.

    Even so, the feud with Matt/Kofi/Teddy around WM26 was very well done and got him plenty of heat! Does anyone else remember how good that feud was?

    And people may not boo him because they don't want to drown out his awesome theme song... and it doesn't have the "boo this man" feel it needs to. It has a "Stand before the Chosen One" feel.
  12. Agree with this, it was a good feud it's where I sort of stood up and thought "this guy is pretty legit" As for his theme song, I love it too much to wish them to change it.
  13. Nah he not good anyway! McIntyre is just a jobbyer at this point!
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