McIntyre possibly being repackaged

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Oct 3, 2013.

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  1. Pwmania

    So Barrett is possibly being repackaged as is Drew. INB4 they bring back the Empire.
  2. The first thought I had of this was a Heath Slater face turn!
  3. They need to just bring back his "chosen one" gimmick. He was the closest thing to my second favorite wrestler when he was like that (Not that I ever had a second favorite wrestler, but I still liked him.)
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  4. God yes, Please. Just please.
  5. Please make this happen! Drew needs to get out of 3MB. I feel bad for him to even be in that gimmick. Also hope Wade gets repacked quickly. He is really awesome.
  6. Why bother?
  7. Maybe he's paid his dues for being cuckolded.
  8. Before being put in 3MB I remember they were doing a test gimmick for him at WWE houseshows,IIRC it was a pretty boy type of gimmick. Hopefully they don't pull the trigger with that gimmick,they oughta just bring back the chosen one gimmick like Deathclaw said.

    As for the other news in this thread I'm really keen on the idea of turning Cesaro face,I hope they go through with that.
  9. McIntyre can be good if they give him the right gimmick. He has a lot of talent, he's just lacking in mic skills.
  10. I would love to see McIntyre actually build from Jobber to Main Eventer as like a storyline or a gimmick or some shit. McIntyre should be World Champ at least one time so Vince can say that he predicted the future.
  11. I suppose one of these days Drew could go "I was supposed to be the chosen one" or something and break up with Slater and Jinder. Him and Barrett as a tag team seems OK.
  12. He posted a "mysterious" pic of his shadow on twitter before last night's live event. Looked like he was wearing a kilt.
  13. The real question is "Is this going to finally be the end of 3mb?!" and if no, then "Who gets the 3rd jobber spot?"

    Im betting no, and Khali. Its going to be just dumb.
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  14. WTF why is Howie Mandell your profile pic bro.
  15. Because....he is the whole enchilada.

    Just go play the DVD Deal or No Deal game and let the laughs roll out.
  16. No matter what they do with him, no one will give a fuck. He just happens to be one of those unlikable, uninteresting wrestlers.
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  17. I agree with this actually. Deathclaw you sometimes amaze me when you're not going on about AJ. His "chosen one" gimmick was really good for me as well.
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  18. I disagree. He's got a pretty good aggressive edge to him in the ring. Wade Barret on the other hand, I don't see anything.
  19. Good for him. Its time to utilize the roster better to stop having so many boring repeat matches on RAW.
  20. Yeah, also I want to add that he used to be one of the most violent and aggressive fighters in the WWE. Now, he's more of a laugh.....
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