McIntyre speaks on a revolution

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Aug 30, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]

  2. To think he's only 27, that's not bad.

    Nice comments though.
  3. I wish he was used correctly. :downer:
  4. I'm still sure Drew has a good career within the WWE. #TeamOptimistic.
  5. There's a possibility, yes.
  6. he was a boss when he was on TV and that theme. That theme just screams main eventer to me, idk how WWE could fuck him up so much
  7. whats that metronome I hear?
    perhaps the end is drawing near,
    you never hear the shot that takes you down.
  8. I can't for the life of me fathom why he is not being used! It's one of the biggest mysteries in the WWE... He has EVERYTHING they want in a superstar; Height, wrestling abilities, mic abilities, looks... What am I missing here? I can't think of any other reason than he pissed off someone high up...
  9. Not as much him pissing higher ups off directly than indirectly. He went through a divorce with his wife (former diva Tiffany.) Tiffany didn't take it well and it went nasty and spilled into the locker room. She even assaulted him one time in the locker room. This in turn upset Vince and a couple of other higher ups and was a factor in Tiffany's release. Drew was instead punished. Triple H reportedly sees a lot of potential for McIntyre in the long run and he is only 27 so he has a lot of years left in him.
  10. I don't even think it's that because HHH is very high on Drew McIntyre and it's been reported several times.

    I think their just binding their time bringing him back, and want to do it the right way. Because they've been jobbing him for a year.
  11. I heard about the Tiffany thing, that must be over a year ago or two now though? If he's in the doghouse for that, I think he's been there way overdue - but yeah, you're right, he's young and for once I'm happy HHH has taken a liking to someone
  12. Vince is a very fickle old man. He can keep people in the dog house for years. Mach Man was in the dog house for close to 20 years.
  13. Shut up McIntyre :bury:
  14. I like McIntyre hopefully he'll be returning to Smackdown soon.
  15. he should stick to lower card, like he has been. dont really like him jobbing to everyone and everything though
  16. McIntyre has the look, in ring ability, to be a champion. He's a bit Meh' on the mic. But totally been underused.
  17. You know that new revolution rumour that was going around and we thought it was Dean Ambrose but it just turned out to be CM Punk with him being on the cover of WWE13 well I think Drew McIntrye should shock the world by being the new revolution and show he is the big star here that WWE is missing out on
  18. "The current generation have a chance to save our business, and if we don’t wrestling as we know it is finished."

    I love that quote. Usually with a guy like Drew, I'd like to say "Fuck these writers, go to TNA" but he doesn't fit in a division and can't main event there, so he'd get lost in the shuffle. ROH wouldn't want him, and you don't know what damage WWE has done to his drawing power so he may not be a good fit in the indies, either. Lets hope, for his sake and WWE's, that they can fix this guy. Drew has limitless potential, and that they are still punishing him for something so ridiculous is absurd.

    Oh, and 2 weeks after the Tiffany issue, him and Rhodes had the most pointless tag title run ever. It felt like a strong de-push for Drew (but finally something for Cody to do), and after that he jobbed to Trent Baretta and hasn't been seen since, so the trail goes back to Taryn.
  19. WWE should use him better, what a waste of talent. They keep pushing someone like Brodus Clay while someone like Drew McIntyre lingers in the shadows. Luckily, he's still pretty young in his career, so there is still time.
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