McMahon And HHH Butting Heads Over Wrestlemania Ideas Again...

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    I'd take this report with a grain of salt, at least the second half of it...

    Lesnar vs Taker vs Reigns is an odd choice for a main event. I don't see them doing a triple-threat match two consecutive years in a row but if they were going to, then the obvious choice would be Cena vs Lesnar vs Reigns. It would be very easy to build towards as well, as Cena would simply win the WWE Championship, Reigns would win the Rumble, and Lesnar would get his obligatory title rematch. Not that I'd want to see that or anything, but it makes a ton more sense than does Brock/Taker/Reigns if you're gonna go down the three-way route.

    Also, Sting vs HHH>Sting vs Undertaker for me. I don't even care that it's largely just Triple H booking himself in another big match with a legend, I still have more vested interest in seeing it than I do Sting/Undertaker, and they've already planted the seeds for an eventual encounter between the two of them anyway. Sting and Taker will probably happen at WM32 if it doesn't happen next year.
  2. They ought to stop fapping for Lesnar so hard. He isn't that special.
    Taker should take the year off. There's literally no foreseeable reason for him to work Mania 31
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  3. Hm. I don't really care for Sting much at this point. Can't say I'm hyped for either. That Triple Threat sounds weird to me too.
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  4. Lesnar vs Reigns vs Taker makes zero sense. Just let the Undertaker retire, FFS. He's done it all.

    However, Cena vs Reigns vs Lesnar would actually make sense and would be pretty damn easy to build-up for WM, but I wouldn't really be thrilled to see it.

    HHH vs Sting sounds great, book that shit.
  5. This, exactly! It makes no sense to bring him back again. He honestly hasn't looked up to more performances the last few times I've seen him so why bother trying to manipulate some story together just to squeeze him in?

    Oh hell yeah.
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  6. He's the fucking Undertaker. As long as he wants to come back for WM he will sell tickets regardless. I don't mind Taker vs Sting but I think Sting vs HHH will be a lot better of a job being booked, and as for Taker vs Reigns vs Brock, you could easily set that up.

    Keep Rock out of WM, let the other big matches do their jobs and have a 10-15 minute Sting match with HHH followed by a 20 min match with Taker Brock and Reigns. Reigns wins, Rollins fails at his cash in and we move forward.
  7. Taker vs Reigns vs Lesnar sounds silly, in my book.

    On the other hand, Cena vs Reigns vs Lesnar does make sense.

    Also, Rollins will successfully cash in on Reigns. Sorreh. If it's at WM31 that he cashes in on the new champ, then all the better.
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  8. Brock/Taker/Reigns would be terrible because:

    1. I hate the thought of Taker losing at a Wrestlemania ever again and he obviously wouldn't be winning here. The loss of the Streak should forever remain his one and only loss at Mania imo. I especially hate him losing two consecutive years in a row.

    2. There's already fear that the super-smarky crowd at Wrestlemania might boo Reigns. Do they really want to further run that risk by having him actually pin the Undertaker? The fact that the Streak was broken just last year will probably mean the fans will be pulling for Taker to have a redeeming/happy moment this year to make up for it, and having Reigns squash that by pinning him to the mat isn't exactly gonna win Reigns any new fans from the smark Mania crowd.

    3. Taker suffered a concussion last year just due to a simple single-leg takedown. At his advanced age, maybe it's a telling sign that he either shouldn't be stepping back in the ring at all, or that he should at least take a year off before returning for one last match in his
    home state of Texas in 2016.
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  9. Sting vs Triple H is the better option right now, while keeping Lesnar and the Royal Rumble winner in their own match. Unless 'Taker is fit enough and is booked to fight Wyatt, I don't really want to see him return this year for a match. The card will likely be booked anyways, with possible Intercontinental/US/Tag Team title feuds to raise their prestige (inb4 they all get buried again), Mizdow vs Miz and Cody vs Goldust (a year too late, imo, but yes plz).
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  10. Come on... Undertaker in the WWE Title picture? Isn't it time to say he needs to relax? Even if its Reigns vs. Lesnar I'd still be pissed, I'd know Reigns would carry out that match. Or it's gonna be a match lesnar dominates and Reigns turns into Cena 2.0. They need better ideas than that. I think the Sting vs. Undertaker match would be good... if it happened a few years back, now both these guys would be slow in the ring, Sting with HHH is the appropriate choice now but I still don't think it'd be that good of a match.
  11. Sting vs HHH would be a much better option than Taker vs Sting, in my opinion. Taker should retire.

    Also, let's hope we get Bryan vs Lesnar instead of Reigns vs Lesnar
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  12. I have always been a huge Taker fan, but I agree that he should hang it up. It pains me to see him as he has been in the ring the past couple WMs. So for me I would much rather see HHH vs Sting, which is what I am anticipating. Might not be the match it could have been years ago, but still is a matchup we've never seen before.

    And I am probably in the minority, but I expect to see Bryan winning the Rumble and facing Lesnar at WM31. All this talk of Reigns getting his super push and becoming Cena 2.0, for some reason I am smelling a red herring. Might be wishful thinking on my part, but even with the WWE's questionable (at best) booking, I can't believe they would do something as stupid as having Reigns eliminating Bryan from the Rumble match.

    Of course, that is assuming that Bryan is actually healthy enough to wrestle.
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  13. In my opinion, Taker should've retired after he was 20-0 at Mania. This way, with the Streak being broken his next performance at Mania wouldn't really be a special attraction.
    He's a legend who's done it all, induct him into the HOF at WM 31 or WM 32 and that should be it for him.

    I agree here on HHH vs Sting, it should be a natural booking of both guys after what happened at Survivor Series this past November. If they wanna get rid of The Authority permanently, then they could always add a stipulation if HHH should lose his match against Sting at WM31, The Authority would be gone for good. Where other stipulation for Sting would be, if he should lose against Hunter, he'd be fired from WWE or something like that.

    You are not in the minority. I, too, am hoping for D-Bry to win the Rumble and go on to dethrone The Beast at WM31. WWE can't be silly enough to choose Reigns over Bryan, right? Or at least that's what I'm hoping for. I'll be rooting for Bryan to win the Rumble all the way.
    The Reigns push can wait, let him hold a midcard title first, before his ME push for WM 32, let's assume. So, let Reigns conquer Rusev first. If they're hesitant about letting Ryback to conquer the Russian crusher, they should let Reigns. I mean, Reigns doesn't really tickle my fancy, but I'd much rather see a new star conquering Rusev than Cena.
  14. No reason to see the undertaker in action.... but then again i could say the same thing about HHH
  15. It's going to be Bryan vs Lesnar for the belt
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  16. Here's to hoping, bro.
  17. lol sting
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