McMahon Not Returning To Television Just Yet...

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    Makes sense and should be a given considering there's really no signs of why anything The Authority is doing at the moment should lead to Vince coming back to oppose them or lead to them wanting to completely overthrow Vince for full and total control of the company (to be honest, if that storyline were to happen, Vince being the face and Triple H being the heel is sort of ass-backwards to how it should be done imo.) However, I wouldn't have minded seeing Vince back as a heel in Triple H's corner in some way for the feud with Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania. Guess it is preferable and does make more sense though to only have him return after Mania to find everything in shambles compared to how it was back when he was last on WWE television - Orton no longer the champion and "face of the WWE", Triple H losing to a guy like Bryan that he didn't consider an A-plus player, etc.
  2. Vince will only show up back on TV when the ratings drop or attendance totals start to drop... right now neither is happening. If WWE ever starts to sink, which is doubtful, then Vince will swoop in to try his best to save the day. That's the only time we will ever see Vince.
  3. He will return the day after WrestleMania, proclaiming a new era with Hunter and Stephanie off our screens for a bit. Then, the next big angle will be Vince (heel) vs. Hunter (face) for the control of the company, which could happen at SummerSlam or WM31 (SS is a bit too near to Hunter's WM30 defeat). #callingitnow
  4. That's what I'm thinking, except they'll still go with Vince as the face and Triple H as the heel.
  5. That would make the angle unwatchable for me. And, if that was the case, wouldn't this year's Mania be the place to do it or even in a 5v5 at the last Survivor Series when Hunter was in total heel mode?

    Vince returns after Mania, running things on his own (maybe Maddox is GM but whatever). He sure neither face or heel characteristics and is just pleased that Hunter/Steph are gone. Gradually, he becomes more heel-like over the weeks and months. Hunter returns as a babyface, challenges him at SummerSlam. Vince picks Cesaro as his guy. That be sweeeeet.
  6. Vince aint needed on tv he should stick to backstage stuff and manageing the creative team
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