McMahon salaries and stock options

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Senhor Perfect, Jan 31, 2013.

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  2. Sounds like some big, big money. :obama:
  3. Steph gets more money than shane. I'd be pissed
  4. She's there everyday, he left. I think he cashed some out before he left to fund what he was doing. He makes a killing though, so I'm sure he's not too upset.
  5. Yeah, if I had that kind of money I wouldn't really mind if my sister made more than I did. :dawg:
  6. I don't think I would either. I'd certainly get greedy, though. :mad:
  7. Oh, I don't think I would. Normally when I hit it big I stop when I'm winning, even though there may be a bigger prize down the road. If I was worth 15 million I'd be alright i think.
  8. He's making bank on his own.
  9. Once you earn $100 you think I could do with more. Once you start earning $1,000 you think I could do with more, etc. A lot of people tend to get greedy while one of them would be me. However, some may just be happy with their value, earnings and wealth.

    I'd say gimme your moneh.

  10. I dont understand why Vince is getting $1.1 million when he wasted $91 million on Linda's failed campaign

    Also HHH getting $500,000 I thought he would be on alot more than that
  11. Well, talking as the usual keyboard warrior with no actual access to vast wealth I say this, but who knows. When situations arise... people change. :obama:
  12. What does he do? do you know? I'm too lazy to google
  13. Those are some pretty low salaries, but considering the bonus from the revenue they make it's not that bad. Also motivates higher ups to make better products to get more money. Well at least that's the theory :haha:
  14. He owns You On Demand -
    He be making a lot of bank in China. I guess it's a movie streaming site or something like that.
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  15. Something Chinese in China I think.
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  16. He runs You on demand, movie streaming site.
    He also runs one of China's biggest broadband providers.
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  17. Shane's all grown up :yay:
  18. Thank all 3 of you. One question and 3 answers within 5 mins. :yay:
  19. Mine was the most accurate though :true:
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