(ME spoiler) Better or worse?

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  1. For Kofi Kingston being the Intercontinental champion? He's in a feud now with the Miz, which seems to be doing okay for now, they have been getting screen time, getting matches, and are now feuding for the championship, do you think this is better for Kofi to be in a singles feud now with The Miz then to be in a tag team feud with his partner being R-Truth(face)? If not, what do you guys suggest Kofi does next?
  2. I can't take Kofi seriously as IC champion, and that's saying a lot seeing as how the IC championship is pretty much worthless nowadays :dawg:
  3. Well it might spark some interest now that there's an actual feud going on now instead of two random guys changing hands then going after another guy randomly.
  4. I think it would be best to just have Miz pick up some significant wins to give the belt some credibility. If the Miz/Kofi feud turns out to be important or decent in it's own way, then that's a good way to start.
  5. Was it a feud? I mean Miz pissed off Kofi, Kofi attacked him, Miz has Kofi on the show, loses to him on RAW cleanly, loses to him at main event, loses title. Hmm, some feud.
  6. By WWE mid-card feuds in 2012 standards, this is McMahon/Austin quality.

    Is this better? Maybe. Congrats to Miz for his big win. If they're getting the belt of Miz to can push him, awesome. If he dropped it just to go back to being designated job fodder for Orton or someone, gtfo. We'll see what happens.
  7. I really don't see Miz fitting anywhere in the main event at the moment.
  8. If the feud continues for a while it would be nice. I was/wasn't surprised by it. Even though I didn't think Miz would lose the title this early, Kofi winning the IC title is nothing groundbreaking. I think it'll be another characteristic Kofi reign unfortunately :downer:
  9. This is better the only reason HE WAS THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! :goatface: was because he was a good match with Evan "OMG I'm on roids then I brokadid my foot" Bourne. The title run with truth was useless. I always believed Kofi would be a main eventer and this has the potential to put him there.
  10. I think it's good for Kofi to be in a singles feud with Miz.
  11. God. I'm upset with Kofi's pushes.He is like a mid carder Cena. 4 times ICC, 2 times USC, 3 times TTC. He is 31 and it's time to make him Main Event! Why you make him mid carder Cena WWE?
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