/me thread.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, May 7, 2012.

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  1. This is a thread where you speak in 3rd person. Example:

    /me went to the shop today, he bought Xanth 15 bags of crisps for breakfast.

    You do this by typing in:

    /me went to the shop... 
    That handy little thing comes with MyBB, it's always a really really popular thread. You can talk about anything. You can reply with something like:

    /me was annoyed at Dolph'sZiggler's post because it made him look silly.

    So yeah, go.
  2. /me decided to try this out. Wonders if it works...
  3. /me is glad that it worked.
  4. /me is thinking of ways he could create hijinks with this....
  5. /me wonders what he's on about.
  6. /me teaches crayo the definition of hijinks.

  7. /me is surprised he's never heard or read that word before.
  8. /me is here, so you need not worry about hijinks. He puts on a leopard print speedo and begins to sing the Manchester United anthem.
  9. /me is f*cking retarded.
  10. /me hums with the Manchester United song.
  11. /me Thinks it is funny that Stopspot has 69 post likes.
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  12. /me is awesome.
  13. /me says giggity
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  14. /me can't read on this font/color.
  15. /me thinks Big Hoss is black.
  16. /me wonders if Big Hoss is blind.
  17. /me loves Crayo.
  18. /me says :okay:
  19. /me can't breathe with Leviathan's man boobs smothering him virtually.
  20. /me can't breathe with Leviathan's man boobs smothering him virtually.
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