Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Harley Quinn, Jul 23, 2015.

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  1. Anyone else here ever meditated, or still does? I used to do it, and am working my way into doing it once more. It's very relaxing, and a natural way to clear the mind. I usually do it at home, but may start doing it out in nature as well... Until a snake comes out a bites me.
  2. My Martial Arts Instructor really recommends it and I have done it several times. It is very relaxing even though I am only a kid but I have done it the night before a test I had to calm down a bit or even to clear my mind before I would start studying for a test or quiz. It does help.
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  3. Being young brings it's own types of stress. Glad you can relax and concentrate on tough situations.
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  4. It certainly does especially when it comes to school grades and making friends and stuff like that.
  5. Never really thought about doing it tbh, 2 Ways I clear my head is sleepy time or gaming. :woo1:
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  6. I meditate when I smoke weed. Actually it is just more zoning out, but it is similar.
  7. No, I used to try but I can't never really switch my brain off.
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  8. Does DDP yoga count?
  9. This.

    Oh, and there's also music and going for a late night drive that help me clear my head.
  10. Sleeping is probably the best way to clear ones mind for the moment. I usually will drink a glass of Wine to get me relaxed and take a nice sleep. The problem is when I wake up all my thoughts are still in full force again.
  11. I'm soneone always trapped in my thoughts, which is why i mostly do yoga instead. But i would like to give it ago. I would like to escape my mind once in awhile and try to create some peace within myself. it's been something i've wanted to take up for awhile, and may do so in the future.
  12. I can't calm down/zone out that way, too difficult.
  13. I can't wait to DDP and get a gym membership, this weekend. Moving has been a huge blessing.
  14. No, can't say I have. My issues are a bit beyond deep breathing and sitting cross legged.
  15. Our problems are only as big as we make them see.
  16. I am going to try to get into this. I was told it would help me but I never really tried it. Do you use music @Harley Quinn ?
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