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*After a commercial break, Antonio Stark's new theme song hits and he walks out to loud boos from the crowd. At Duality, Antonio lost in a triple threat match to crown a number one contender to the world heavyweight championship, and the loss has made him frustrated and angry, as he marches down to the ring, microphone in hand. Stark climbs into the ring, still with boos from the crowd.*

Antonio - "Everyone here can think what they want of me, it doesn't affect me and it never will. You either cheer or you boo, but at the end of the day, all of you know that you wouldn't stand a chance against me if you ever stepped inside this ring with me. Playing nice gets you nowhere, you have to seize the opportunity and that's what I tried to do at Duality, but I didn't do it. Yuri Black walked away with the win, but will that slow me down? No it won't, all it does is make me stronger, and a fire inside of me starts to build up, and at Money in the Bank I want... no, I demand to be added to the Money in the Bank ladder match! This is a warning to everyone in the back, and especially to you Trent Kingsley, there will be hell to pay if you do not meet my demands. Add me to the match, and watch a true superstar like me bring that briefcase down, and whether it's Will Neilson, Yuri Black or Spencer Hyde, then you are on my hitlist! It won't be long until Precision has a viable world champion, and someone who represents the company better than what we have at the moment. People like Will Neilson and Jack Rogue are old news, people like Antonio Stark are the ones that truly bring in money for this damn company, and the only ones that has what it takes to be in the main event!"

*Antonio drops the microphone and climbs out of the ring, still angry as the fans continue to boo him. Stark looks back behind him towards the ring after reaching the top of the ramp, nods, and walks back through the curtain.*
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