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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Sep 28, 2014.

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  1. @seabs and I aren't taking shit from anyone. Give us your best shot. We were saying privately how everyone but us are a bunch of pussies and couldn't even beat us up verbally on a forum, let alone in real life.

    Real pic of Seabs and I:


    He's the receiver.
    (sucks for you seabs when I go for a few days and you're left with the hate)
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  2. I sure love penis.
  3. Forgot about your gay replies that make absolutely no sense and contribute nothing but random confusion. Kinda misseed it. :willis:
  4. Thanks, I try it to lube my posts up to give you guys something hard and long to remember :yay:
  5. I gave your Mum something long and hard to remember.
  6. A car? THANKS! Crayo senpai has honored our family with a transportation vehicle!
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  7. I blame the jews for this.
  8. You should bring Xanth with you next time you're on.
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  9. We should go to Paris one day.
  10. Bummed you didnt use the Crayo drawing Seabs made with his awesome beard. Looks like receding hairline vs bitch tits gladiator.
  11. lol'd @ this part. "When I go for a few days". Like you are EVER around
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  12. We still on for Stockholm in January bbe?
  13. Si, I fly out on the 30th.
  14. I'll book the suite
  15. Only if I get crispy m&ms.
  16. the giver looks pretty good, bit of meat on his bones, no fancy clothing

    the reciever would look good if did not have that costume on, it makes him look like a cosplay nerd
  17. :sad: it WAS FOR HALLOWEEN.
  18. too much bells and whstles lad. dont be all quirky
  19. That, and I've never seen any hate on Seab.
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