Meet the New Guys: The Class of 2012

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  1. Meet the New Guys: The Class of 2012

    The Athlete: Antonio Cesaro

    Why should we care about you over anyone else?I'm the only European, and people from Europe are just better than people from America.How would you characterize your in-ring style?European Strong Style. It means that I have a very European base with grappling, going hold-for-hold, and catch-as-catch-can-style wrestling along with a mix of striking I picked up in Japan. And maybe even a little bit of Lucha Libre.What are you saying to the WWE Universe with your in-ring look?That I'm all business. It's basic. I don't put on oil, glitter or hair gel. It just doesn't look natural.

    The Wrecking Ball: RybackWhat are you saying to the WWE Universe with your in-ring look?All the Rob Van Dam comparisons are fine with me, because we actually have the same airbrush guy. I fell like I'm a colorful person in terms of my personality, and what people are going to see over time. The plain black look just didn't cut it for me. It worked for Austin, it worked for Goldberg, but I'm not Austin or Goldberg—I'm Ryback.What should we care about you over anyone else?I bring an intensity and excitement that nobody's seen in a long time. When you watch a Ryback match, you're going to be entertained one way or another, whether it lasts for two minutes or 20 minutes.

    The Classicist: Damien SandowWho inspires you?Killer Kowalski, number one, who was my trainer. And Harley Race.Why should we care about you over anyone else?Unlike anybody else, all of the WWE Universe has a vested interest in me. I am here to help them. My sole purpose in WWE is to enlighten the masses.How would you characterize your in-ring style?My in-ring style, just like my style of work, is classical, elegant and, above all else effective.Does Damien Sandow have a guilty pleasure?Absolutely not. I have no vices.

    The Veteran: TensaiWhy should we care about you over anyone else?I don't care if people care about me. I'm coming here to do something I wasn't able to my first go-around. That's why I went to Japan, to get better at my craft. I'm doing it right this time.Tell us about your finisher.I have giant, sting hand. I can unleash the claw on anyone once I get my had around their head.Given the opportunity to main-event a pay-per-view in the next 12 months, whom do you face?I don't want to settle for anybody but the nest, and right now that's CM Punk and John Cena. Why accept anything less?To read more including breaking down the class of 2002, pick-up the July issue of WWE Magazine or SUBSCRIBE HERE and save 70% off the newsstand sale price.

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