Meet's inaugural Hall of Shame Class

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  1. Meet's inaugural Hall of Shame Class


    The WWE Hall of Fame is hallowed territory for the greatest Superstars and personalities to ever grace the squared circle. Each year, new inductees are granted access into the Hall because of how they continually enraptured the WWE Universe with their larger-than-life talents.

    But what about those who walk a much different path in WWE, completely unconcerned with the repercussions of their hurtful actions and words? There has never been a basket waiting to catch WWE's rotten apples … until now. would like to introduce you to our very first Hall of Shame – a hall not intended to glorify WWE Superstars and personalities because of their remorseless antics and insufferable nature. Rather, its intention is to exemplify why they deserve to be shamed by the WWE Universe. And in many cases, these miscreants already have been given a taste of their own medicine.

    Who is most worthy of the first spots in the Hall of Shame? It's time to meet the inaugural class …

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