Mega Awesome Cool GTA V Discussion Thread. Potential Spoilers

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  1. I'm such a big fan of the GTA franchise, and judging from the previews, they have learnt their lesson from GTA 4. The trailers give me a San Andreas/Vice City feel while mixed with the graphics and realism from GTA 4. Due to how long it took for them to create this game, is this one of the most eagerly anticipated GTA games of all time?
  2. Cool story bro.
  3. Will possibly be the best game ever imo, GTA 4 was awful, Niko was boring, this time it looks like they've went back to the old crazy characters and New York was such a bad setting, too much city, now we have mountains, gonna be awesome.
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  7. Ryan. I think he wants you. :silva:
  8. Given that every Grand Theft Auto game (not counting LC Stories or Vice City stories or the like) has surpassed it's predecessors in sales, I would have to say yes. GTA has been such a phenomenon since the release of GTA3 that every time a new GTA game is released, it's one of the most anticipated games of all time.
  9. inb4 Dolph hates GTA 5 when it comes out because it's liked by the majority.
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  10. the fuck? I have a hipster reputation?
  11. Yep.
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  12. What do I hate on just for being popular?
  13. Lesbian porn. Chicks with dicks and alpacas.
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  14. I'm joking :okay:

    Think deth made the joke and I bandwagonned. But you do have this God awful consistency in hating what others like lol.
  15. like what. I'm genuinely curious
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  17. Ffs you're putting me on the spot.
  18. #1 CM Punk

    that's all I got off the top of my head.
  19. OK, Shield. First one to moan about them. Punk as well; he cuts consistent good promos but you hate them because he was repeating himself weekly or something. Part of his gimmick.

    Just stuff like that. I'm not against it lmao, I'm just saying you were one of the first to start hating on stuff that most other people like. I guess you get bored at repetition quickly, but would you moan if a story or something was rushed too fast (IE Nexus?)
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