Megan Fox is April O'Neil

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Danielson, Jun 17, 2013.

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    WTF is this garbage?

    First the good news; Megan Fox, who plays April O'Neil in the Michael Bay-produced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, was seen wearing April's iconic yellow on set! Sure, it was only a jacket, and Megan Fox looks nothing like any April otherwise, and... sorry. That's not good news. I was just trying to brace you.
    Yep, Bay is utilizing Fox's talents to their utmost, by filming the actress jumping on a trampoline. Oh, sure, this could just be for an action shot while she's reporting the news. Hell, it might just be what Michael Bay ordered Fox to do in order to keep her job (which seems a lateral move from having to wash his car). But this is Michael Bay we're talking about. You'll notice she's not wearing a sweater, right? The chances of her just filming her news scenes while bouncing up and down on a trampoline, Man Show-style, is at least 60%. And the next shot? A quick cut to the Turtles, watching her on TV in the home in the sewers, trying desperately hide their turtle erections inside their shells. Obviously.
  2. Gaming and Media?
  3. Suck my dick? Media includes movies no? Crayo Am I wrong here?
  4. Well to be fair, you haven't actually wrote anything in the OP but 'WTF is this shit?' - I wouldn't have though this would be in Gaming/Media because it's talking about her, not the film, but that's just IMO. No need to be so hostile.
  5. i am for anything that allows me to see more of megan Fox :yes:
  6. Danielson is right. Jonathan, stop being pretentious.
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  7. Who am I attempting to impress?
  8. Everyone. Why reply if it was only going to be "Gaming & Media"? You have this annoying obsession of being so damn arrogant on here, attempting to impress people maybe? You're different on Skype. BE THAT GUY.
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  9. Because, in my OPINION, you know that thing I'm allowed, it would have been a LR thread because it was talking about Megan Fox, not the film.

    Sorry for having an opinion. Sorry for posting here. I'll stop posting on the forum now as I'm always wrong.
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  10. Thank you, that's all we want.
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  11. You've already posted since claiming you'll stop. Let's try again.
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  12. Sorry Craydog :sad:
  13. I don't get it.
  14. Megan Fox was cast as April O'Neil, she doesn't have red hair, and micheal bay had her previously in Transformers and I didn't enjoy those. WTF IS THAT SHIT!?

    I was unaware EVERYONE knew she was playing April O'Neil. My post was mainly about that. Jesus

    Senhor Perfect will apperciate my outrage. Won't ya buddy? :please:
  15. Oh TMNT.
  16. Yes it's written in the article that he cast her as April in the movie. I don't get how this is even a thing about posting in the media section. Next time i'll find an article that is just about her being cast or something. Oh well, she's April and Micheal Bay is directing Boo
  17. Megan Fox is a meh actor to me.
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  18. No telling who he casts to play the Turtles... I thought they weren't going ahead with Michael Bay's vision of what the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is? Last I heard, he wanted to make them aliens.
  19. OK

    Good news: yellow leather jacket, nice T&A

    Bad news: long hair, wrong colour hair, cannot see her bringing any comedy to the situation

    The best part of that character is that she can be the damsel in distress but still be a firecracker with a sense of humour. The girl who played her in the original movie did a great job, but no yellow jacket :sad:

    I'll give dis bitch a chance, no matter who they cast I know I'm going to watch it anyway cause I'm such a homo for TMNT.
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