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  1. Apparently shut down by the US government. I guess SOPA begins.

    #megaupload is the top trend worldwide. One of the largest filehosting sites on the internet, period.
  2. Bit of a shocker. Just imagine the power if SOPA/PIPA passes. Goodbye internet.
  3. Well, that's bad. Spent a few months fighting SOPA and PIPA with a friend, and to see it is gonna happen anyway sucks.
  4. It's actually the FBI, not SOPA and PIPA. Was my bad.

    If that's the case, if they already possess the powers to take sites like MU down, why does SOPA and PIPA need to even happen? America wonders why the rest of the world despise them...

    Here's the article at the Beeb.
  6. SOPA will fail. Everybody I know signed the petition to have congress vote against SOPA
  7. The biggest worry is PIPA. SOPA is delayed until february and now they're pushing PIPA.
  8. Isn't that why they've got two bills? So when SOPA is denied the PIPA gets passed without many people noticing?
  9. Exactly, seabs. They're barely any different. The only difference is like who can say "take this down" and stuff.
  10. I fear one will still be passed through the backdoor eventually. I just hope the noise people are making about the loss of Megaupload will go some way to stopping these bills

    Anonymous ftw.
  12. Sad day for MU.
  13. Go Anon! The government will be demolished!
  14. Wonder how long it'll take until they take RapidShare, FileServe, FileSonic, ... to eventually end at Google.
  15. Anon will destroy the government before that happens.
  16. I don't give two craps about Anon, I got out of all that /b/ kahkah ages ago. I think half the gov'ment will be out by the time they get halfway. Who is gonna vote for the guys who destroyed one of the biggest ways of income, taking away probably thousands of jobs instead of creating jobs, ..

    There's no way they'll get re-elected.
  17. Anon isn't /b/, they've said that many times. :emoji_slight_smile:
  18. When anonymous started it was an idea for freedom of expression. It seems to me they've lost that idea and have resorted to provoking the government by trying to one up them. This is no longer a fight for freedom but a fight for who can land the last blow.

  19. Link me to that.