Mein Fuhrer!

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by White Panda, Sep 29, 2012.

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  1. Everyone idolizes someone in this world. Someone you find to be smart, admirable, kind, or what ever draws you to them. Who is that for you folks?

    For me it is Adolf Hitler. Now, most of you are probably thinking this is a troll thread, but it isn't. Hitler was a political genius and was beyond astounding at speaking. He managed to turn a country into an anti-Judaic warmachine seemingly over night. He convinced an entire nation to rally themselves to attack one single entity that he viewed as evil. That takes pure genius and skill to do. Do I agree with his targeting Judaism, no I do not. I find that fact that he had nearly 8 million people killed just because of their lifestyles to be a horrid action, but the fact that he was able to achieve that is amazing.

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  2. This thread needs to be closed as it's just antagonizing flame responses.
  3. That happend??^ SMH
  4. The guy's explanation is fair enough I guess, although there is a high chance he's trolling.
  5. This thread will either be REALLY HQ or be a flame-fest. So I'll keep an eye on it.
  6. My point on why I idolize the man is very valid, albeit controversial. I fully explained that I do not agree with the specifics of his cause, but I do find his skills in politics and speaking to be astounding. The only reason you guys are finding this to be an attempt at trolling is because I mention Hitler, whereas if I were to mention an American President you wouldn't care, even if it was a president that lets, oh say supported slavery or backs genocide.
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  7. No it's because you're just another internet troll. :burns:
  8. Someone get Waco in here.
  9. Even if he was attempting to troll it's terrible, because he has a genuine point in every post...

    This is a topic debated in pretty much every secondary school in the world. Was Hitler a good leader? People instantly think they're trolling because they mention Hitler, that's all.
  10. Actually, I'm not. You're making assumptions because of how I've been acting for one day. If I was "just another troll" Crayo would have already banned me.
  11. Oh my, oh my.. :silva:
  12. Hitler was a sensitive man.
  13. I agree on the sensitive part. "I wasn't let into art school, time to kill 6million jews. :C"
  14. 16 murder attempts were aimed on him..
  15. and none succeeded :win:
  16. Don't know if that's a win..
  17. He was influential at a point of time and scared people into submission. Was he a good leader? If you mean influential then i guess yes but would you stand by him and his morals? Well probably not.
  18. I personally would not, now knowing what he did. But at the time, few people knew his intentions. He rallied the German nation to believe that the world was trying to take them down. If you read a lot of his speeches, you would be amazing at how innocent and good intentioned he sounded.
  19. 16? There were more assassination attempts on Hitler than that. Hitler actually had nearly 42 assassination attempts made on him.
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