Melina tweets puke comment about HHH

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, May 7, 2012.

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  1. Melina posted to her Twitter after watching Saturday night's Floyd Mayweather fight ranting about Triple H and Justin Bieber being in Mayweather's corner. She posted:

    @RealMelina Maybe it's the margaritas but I puked when i saw Bieber & Triple H. #TotalPukage #WhatTheWhat HHH=Pukepukepuke.Boxing at an an all time low

    ^^^ Wow Melina taking a shot at HHH well if Morrison ever returns to WWE hes getting buried for sure
  2. Well Morrison. You don't have a definite job now but you do have a hoe!
  3. Didn't they split up?
  4. They got back together after they both got out of WWE. I noticed from their tweets they started tweeting eachother again and also they were both tweeting what indy event they were attending together. Morrison is a fool to get back with her she is a whore. She slept around backstage in WWE and Morrison knew about it but didnt do anything and I thought finally when they broke up that he had found his balls but no he didnt as now there back together
  5. Johnny has no balls because he was afraid for his job.
  6. Well, nice comment from the whore who cost Morrison's job.
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  7. They're back together. My respect for her has gone up +2.
  8. Beats me, but....

  9. Melina has and always will be a slut guys.
  10. its great isnt it?
  11. I think shes trolling a bit
  12. She should puke at her fake boobs.
  13. OH NO U DIDENT! :burns:
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