Meltz Van Dam report on Rock and Ryback

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Dec 26, 2012.

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  1. lol Meltz Van Dam with his typical reporting.

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  2. Indeed it doesn't really seem like an enlightening report.
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  3. They'll likely get out of the title match by saying (on the show) that Punk isn't cleared to wrestle just yet. But kayfabe wise, it doesn't seem fair for Ryback to have to win the Rumble when he's already guaranteed a title shot. I kinda like the idea of Rock costing Ryback the match, but making it a TLC match was stupid. If they do go through with the match, do they want Punk getting injured again with another powerbomb through a table?
  4. Rock costing Ryback seems stupid in my opinion. The fact they made it a TLC match though was also stupid as it gives Punk almost no way out unless they role with Shield owning Ryback AGAIN.
  5. That's why Rock costing Ryback the match is a good idea, since it's something that most all casual fans won't see coming. Austin did it with Owen Hart as well back at Badd Blood 1997 (helped him win the IC Title just so it could be him that he beat for the belt instead of Faarooq), and Rock could do it because he wants revenge against Punk and wants the cred for ending the second longest reigning title reign of the Mania era, which would only further add to his "Greatest Of All Time" claim.
  6. Rock as a special referee would be epic imo. :yay:
  7. Because it's illogical... It makes Ryback look pathetic if he doesn't go out to seek revenge, and if he does seek revenge then he's put in the feud which ruins Rock/Punk. It's terrible booking, and it won't happen.
  8. The guy is like a bad drug dealer. We all keep coming back and hanging around, hoping to see something actually worthwhile. All we get, is bullshit.
  9. Re: RE: Meltz Van Dam report on Rock and Ryback

    I don't know about your neighborhood but in mine, bad drug dealers don't last long. Either from people robbing him constantly or killing him.

    As far as this idea, if Rock causes Ryback it would be a horrible idea. What i can see happening is Rock coming out, getting attacked by the Shield, forcing Ryback to act like a idiot and fight them off, thus allowing punk to win while Rock and Ryback beat up on the shield.

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  10. It's not terrible booking, that can be taken care of with a simple "He'll win the Rumble and then chose to fight The Rock if he has the belt." And then he'll probably lose the Rumble anyway (because of The Shield) and then he'll focus back on them. It won't make him look any more pathetic than constantly fighting Punk and yet failing to capture the belt. If the third match does indeed happen, then that's the third time he's failed regardless. Yeah, it probably won't happen, but it's not a bad idea.
  11. Re: RE: Meltz Van Dam report on Rock and Ryback

    This isn't your fantasy wrecking ball sadly, it's the man who chanted feed me more with hell no.
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