Royal Rumble Meltzer confirms Rumble booking and Mania main event

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by C.M. Shaddix, Jan 14, 2016.

  1. Well, if Meltzer said it, then it must be true. :otunga:
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  2. Meltzer has proved to be a reliable source, he was right about the TNA poor ticket sale case. I believe him
  3. IDGAF about Meltzer.

    But yeah, thinking that HHH vs Reigns or Lesnar vs Reigns might end up being the ME of WM is not that hard to predict.
  4. Like we really needed any Meltzer to tell us what's going to happen...
    Hasn't anyone been reading :titus:
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  5. Only puppets believe that fool Dave Meltzer... Shaddix, don't be a puppet believing everything on the internet. Damn, the IWC is so fucking stupid.
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  6. lmfao that makes one of us. On the entire forum ffs.
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  7. OH GOD MELTZER CALLED TNA HAVING SHIT SALES!! MELTZER also could have called WCW giving away free tickets - but here is the kicker - everyone already fucking knew it.
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  8. Reigns is gonna retain at RR and it's gonna be a huge dissapointment that were all gonna complain about on here. Triple H and Daniel Bryan aren't gonna return.

    It'll come down to Brock and Reigns at RR and Reigns will defy the odds. Lesnar will get a rematch at Fastlane. Reigns will get involved and somehow the Rock will get involved and Lesnar will F5 him to set up their match at WM32.

    Triple H then challenges Reigns for the title at Wrestlemania because he's the only person he hasn't beat yet.
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  9. That actually sounds like a plausible scenario. ^

    Regardless of the outcome, let's all pray that the Rumble match isn't a total snoozefest. I mean, with Borkman involved and him going BORK SMASH KILL mode, it shouldn't be.
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  10. This rumble is all about Reigns vs Lesnar. I would compare it to the Royal Rumble in 2000. The Rock and Big Show (back when he was actually relavent) were the only 2 guys with a chance of winning and the storyline waz how could The Rock eliminate the unstoppable monster to win. Thas basically what this storyline is
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  11. Royal Rumble: Roman Reigns gets eliminated by Triple H in the rumble, costing him the belt and Lesnar walks away victorious.

    Fast Lane: Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar II - Triple H screws Reigns out of his rematch clause and Lesnar retains

    Raw post Fast Lane: Battle Royal to determine #1 Contender for Mania
  12. The Rumble is also about HHH and what he's gonna do to screw over Reigns.

    With HHH being gone for as long as he has been since the TLC attack, it just screams "We're gonna have HHH screw Reigns out of the title." to me.
  13. Want to know what's even more fucking stupid? A person, on an online forum dedicated to fake fighting telling other people they're fucking stupid.
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  14. *Reads Comments, silently leaves the room from what I started*
  15. Fuck You

    ...oh... So he's not a reliable source?

    How about we don't have this happen because the Royal Rumble is a fucking joke nowadays

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  16. Lol I'm just saying don't get ur hopes up for something really cool to happen becuz 9/10 times it never does...
  17. No, he is a TMZ source.
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