Meltzer gives his funny opinion on the Axel push

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, May 21, 2013.

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  1. So typical Meltzer. Triple H is high on him but some are confused over the booking, no shit sherlock. Not even using the news prefix for this one.
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    -I'm a journalist!
    -No Dave, just no.

  2. Calling Meltzer a journalist is like calling Jenna Jameson an actress.
  3. He has a face you just want to punch.
  4. [​IMG][​IMG]

    :hmm: Dunno which one is worse
  5. I'm confused over how anyone can be confused over the booking last night.
  6. Miz, definitely.
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  7. Your know it all defend everything WWE does schtick is wearing thin.
  8. Your "let's bash WWE no matter what" schtick is wearing pretty thin itself.

    I bash WWE when I see a reason to bash them. I don't look for reasons for shit all over them though, and honestly, if one isn't bright enough to figure out the ending to last night's match, I don't what what to tell 'em. If you were aware of HHH's sledge hammer shot to the face at Extreme Rules and the referees trying to help him up, it doesn't take much but a simple put-two-and-two-together logic to figure out the after effect of that was what was causing him to faint on last night's Raw. I'm pretty sure they've run this sort of angle in the past with people, though I can't recall any examples at the moment. I just find it funny that HHH doesn't win, there is no burial, Axel doesn't even have to 'cheat' to win, HHH is selling a massive shot from Lesnar the night before (which gives Brock a lot of credit for leaving damages to HHH), etc. and yet some still find a reason to complain.

    But if some need it spelled out to them, I'm sure next week, WWE will make it clear that it was in fact the sledge hammer shot that caused HHH's near loss of consciousness.
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  9. I don't have a schtick, I simply post my opinions. Your bullshit of hating on everyone who doesn't like an aspect of what WWE is doing is (the Ryback finish, finish to Raw) by saying they don't understand what was happening or 'it's happened before ::emoji_stuck_out_tongue:osts 20 examples' poindexter shit is annoying as fuck.

    I'm supposed to know that HHH looking like he is stroking out is his way of selling a slegehammer shot from 24 hours earlier? I'm sure you pieced it together immediately but we aren't all geniuses. It took the rest of us 15-20 minutes to catch up to your level of brilliance, and when we did we pointed out how the segment could have been a lot better. How terrible of us to do so and not just accept what WWE did and praise them for it.

    but if you need it spelled out, you are a pretentious asshole who thinks his opinion is the greatest thing in the universe and nobody here is impressed by it.
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  11. I mean, yeah, I guess it's logical. But it happening completely overshadowed his redebut. All the match served was a way to build the drama between Lesnar and HHH rather than building up "Axel". He felt out of place, somewhat ruining his redebut.

    They booked themselves into a corner with it really. They didn't want Axel to look too dominant by beating him but they didn't want him to look weak by losing. The match never should've happened tbh.
  12. You just aren't a sophisticated enough fan to understand the finer ins and outs of what was going on. Simpleton.
  13. Sorry Kevin, but if we have to think "Maybe he was like that because of the hammer shot last night?" then WWE are not doing their jobs. Casuals won't think like that if the smarks aren't. The ending was POORLY booked. It was a good idea (have him show effects of last nights beat down) but it was poorly executed.
  14. lol @ me being 'pretentious.' I have to listen to you do almost nothing but be negative about WWE and I'm the one who is pretentious. That is funny stuff.

    I only post my opinions as well and (get this) when I scratch my head at certain viewpoints, then I point it out. Feel free to criticize my own viewpoints. Sort of the point of a discussion board. I'm sorry there's more than a few times where I don't "get" why people are negative about something. But just to dispute your "I praise everything WWE does and bash anyone who doesn't", I have bashed WWE for plenty of things in the past and will easily do so again when I feel the need to. Speaking of which, I said in a separate thread that them having Axel and Heyman disappear was strange and it would have better if Heyman was laughing maniacally at HHH while he was fading but I still wasn't exactly in confusion over the ending.

    I didn't say people "didn't understand" the Ryback finish. I questioned why it was a big deal. Ending the match in a draw was logical and it was even briefly discussed on here. If Cena wasn't losing the title and they didn't want Ryback to take another loss, then the result is a draw. What would have been a more logical ending to you? If the end result is Ryback winning the belt (doubt it) then ending it in a draw stretches the feud to Payback where he might indeed win it there. And yeah, I've already made my POV on last night's ending clear so I'll leave that as it is.
  15. [​IMG]
  16. I think the way it was booked last night was fairly obvious to me. The doctors told him he can't compete (as a result of the previous nights endeavours) and he went against their orders and competed anyway, and suffered the consequences.


  17. Can we please grow up with the petty images and basically slagging each other off over their opinions.

    It's boring now.
  18. For the record, I actually appreciate users who stick up for WWE against the status quo. I have received multiple "you're just a WWE mark" accusations, and I do strongly believe the IWC is negative sometimes for the sake of being negative. I also agree with a lot of your points, but this one I don't. The ending was simply booked retardedly and sold retardedly. WWE, commentary, and anyone else involved did a poor job of putting the spotlight on Axel, and did a poor job explaining why HHH suddenly was selling a stroke. It had more of a Jerry Lawler heart attack feel to it than a "Oh shit Brock did some serious damage" feel.
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