Meltzer Reports The Plans For Hell In A Cell

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  1. No Brock vs Cena inside the cell, unfortunately... despite the fact that it would have made the most sense.

    Cena and Ambrose fighting to see who gets their hands on Seth Rollins just sounds awful, especially since we can probably conclude it'll end with Cena prevailing and going over Rollins inside the cell at the end... although an interesting twist would be Ambrose cheating to win (nothing more than say a low blow or something, maybe pulling his tights/shorts for the pinfall victory at most) just to show he wants Rollins so bad that he isn't above playing dirty against Cena to make sure he gets him. It'd be a similarly interesting twist if Cena tried to do the same thing.

    It is amusing that the loser has to settle for facing Randy Orton... Orton being considered leftovers is pretty much their way of admitting he's a scrub now lol. Having the Orton match be inside the cell too though is kind of pointless.
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  2. Uh... what about winner of CenavAmbrose picks Orton or Rollins to face that way Orton doesn't sound weak?
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  3. Lol, garbage. Orton and the Cell match buried as a consolation prize, plus Cena screws up a great feud with his presence. Hopefully Meltzer BS as usual.
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  4. Those rumored plans, my friend, are definitely an avalanche of crap. It's ridiculous to do such thing.

    I would've much rather had Lesnar vs Cena inside the cell, for the final time to settle the score and end the feud (but looks like they'll be stretching it out till S.S. or TLC), or having a 2-on-3 handicap match; Cena/Ambrose vs Rollins/Orton/Kane...

    But, this way, Ambrose vs Cena and the winner gets Rollins inside the cell and the loser gets Orton inside the cell, as well, is just plain ridiculous. It's gonna be even worse if Cena gets Rollins and still prevails.

    You're not gonna draw money with this PPV, WWE. And you may as well pull the plug on that 9.99 crap called WWE Network.
  5. Yeah, I've read reports of how Lesnar isn't even scheduled to be at HIAC yet
  6. No Lesnar needed at the HIAC PPV! Woo, we all wanna see Cena, even though he's been shoved down our throats for the last 10 years.
    Every decision WWE makes is bona fide and cool. Yay!
  7. It'd better not happen this way.
  8. If things go down how you said with ambrose or cena cheating (maybe both?) Would be awesome. But the orton match would still be pointless as fuck
  9. Off topic, but I'm slightly amused that people still dis Meltzer despite his reports usually being dead-on accurate. :hmmm:

    Anyway, I've lost all hope of Cena and Lesnar tearing it up in a HIAC match. Personal rivalries like this one (Taker/HBK in '97, Taker/Mankind in '98, Taker/Brock in '02, HHH/HBK in '04, HHH/Batista and Taker/Orton in '05, etc.) deserve to culminate inside the cell and this one would have been made even more special by the fact that it could be promoted as the final match that Cena and Lesnar will ever have with one another, which I feel is a pretty reasonable certainty at this point. Oh well. If they do nothing to further advance the angle on Raw, consider it a missed opportunity.
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  10. I bolded and underlined. Cena's been booked in a 'final match ever' with The Rock and Randy Orton before only to wrestle them again relatively soon thereafter.
    You're already privy to that, but WWE isn't below booking Cena/Lesnar in that fashion anyway. For the record, I don't see Lesnar's last match being at WM 31 either.
  11. Not huge on this idea, but then again my WWE would look so much different compared today's WWE if I had any creative control.. I'll wait for the build up though and the final card to see what I think about it.
  12. Well, a third match between them would pretty much exhaust their feud at this point and would make four matches between them total since Brock's return in 2012, plus with Lesnar being a part-timer and only wrestling every once in awhile (this current championship reign notwithstanding), it's close to 100% that they'd never wrestle again after HIAC.

    I don't see WM31 being his last match either, btw. He'll definitely work the huge Wrestlemania 32 show at the AT&T Stadium at the very least.
  13. I could say nearly the exact same with regards to the Rock.
    However, there's no reason for these two to lock it up any further. Lesnar says nothing, so I'm ready for Heyman to talk about somebody else.
    Opening this rivalry again in a year two won't pique my interest then either.
  14. 90% of my wrestling section posts have been for WWE to do something different, ANYTHING different, at this point... so I can't bitch about this.

    Would I have done something different? Absolutely. Just announce Ambrose vs Rollins in the Cell main-events the show and leave Cena out of it. But at least this is SOMETHING and is the only way WWE will conceivably do it with their retarded selves thinking Cena HAS to draw.
  15. It's fresh, but if Cena beat Ambrose in a average lenght match and steal his feud, I'm going to get pissed
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  17. And if the Ambrose vs Rollins match goes on, then we get the consolation of Cena vs Orton on PPV! :yay:
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  18. Ain't that just swell? :smug:

  19. Yes they will. lol
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