Meltzer States Obvious News About TNA Creative Team

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  1. According to The Wrestling Observer, TNA creative now consists of Matt Conway and Dave Lagana handling the writing and the overall creative direction will be determined by John Gaburick and TNA co-founder and minority owner Jeff Jarrett with Jeff having a lot more input as of late.

    Well no shit, we couldn't figure that out now that Bruce, Eric and Hulk are all gone.
  2. I think Cornette used to talk a lot of shit on Pritchard, but I might be wrong. I think Pritchard is almost at a Russo-level of disdain for Cornette.

    I love hearing Cornette rant about shit, he's entertaining as hell.
  3. Cornette has no clue how to decently run a company (creatively) and I consider him an idiot, but yeah, his rants are fun to hear (with 90% of them I don't agree btw).

    Bruce P. is even worse than him, but he's not entertaining to listen, so that's big minus lol.
  4. Cornette is hilarious mainly for the randomness.
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  5. And of course the epic

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  6. Ah dude Cornette is very smart. It's just that he has a purely old school approach to wrestling. I agree with him on a lot of things, like that the basics of booking wrestling will never change. However the way it's presented to the audience has to change and have the odd twist and variation here to keep us intrigued. I've enjoyed WWE so much more lately due to the old school approach and slow burn on feuds. That's why I really enjoyed TNA initially, because they had that epic feud between Sting and JJ. It was incredibly well done. Cornette was on Impact around then if I'm not mistaken as well.

    There's a great 3 hour or so interview with Percy and Cornette just telling all these great stories about the territory days. A lot of funny shit about ribs in WWE too. Percy was the look out for Waltman while he shat in Jerry Lawler's crown, hahaha.
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  7. Thought you liked Bruce P, TNA was great in 2012 under his watch... but he was ratings poison so he had to go. ROH 2012 says all you need to know about Cornette. He can go back to taking dumps and calling them "Raws" (best Jim C moment ever) (also how do we not have a Jim C appreciation thread?)
  8. I love his rants on Russo and Bischoff (or Bitchoff, as he prefers to call him) the most. His long rant on the first ever Monday episode of Impact back in 2010 was golden. He hates Kevin Dunn with a passion too, but I don't recall him ever hating on Pritchard.
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  9. For those who missed it, here's the short version

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  10. Gotta agree with Jackson on Cornette, he has an incredibly solid if old school approach to wrestling. His main flaw (and I think even he himself has admitted to it recently) is not being able to adapt with the times. If he had been able to put a modern touch to his booking style a lot of the ROH product back when he ran it it could have been great, and even without a modern twist it was still very entertaining product and actually mattered to the ROH fanbase.
  11. And that is the problem. He can't adopt to modern times and that's why he sucks ass and shouldn't be around any major league anymore.
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  12. I dislike Pritchard, but yeah - 2012 was fucking great year.

    Wondering why he sucked ass in 2013? Because he SUCKS and drags stoylines to forever.
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  13. What Test said, Harley Race was incredible for his time but if he debuted today with the same moveset and look he'd be very difficult to back as a major star. The business has evolved and old elements are present sure but it's a different world.
  14. Exactly.

    Mmmmm okey doke.
  15. How many times has the creative team been drastically altered in the past 18 months? 3 or 4 now? Too many to have a cohesive product for damn sure
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  16. In the last 18 months, Lagana and Conway are the ones who are consistant. The upper creative have changed though: from Brother Love to Eric Bischoff to now John Gaburick (and Jeff Jarrett). Not to mention through all these changes Hogan has always been around to put in a word or two.
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  17. yuck
  18. Well now Hogan & Bitchoff & Bruce are all gone, so that's awesome.

    I have faith in Double J to change things to better because he truly loves TNA, and I already see some of it (e.x. the ramp is gone).

    And when it comes to Gaburick, wrestlers mostly say he's much much better and more positive than Prick was.
  19. I thought Double J was just a road agent or whatever. What's his actual role within TNA right now?
  20. TNA Creative Chain atm:

    Dixie Carter
    John Gaburick and in lesser role Jeff Jarrett
    David Lagana & Matt Conway

    And then you have (road) agents like Al Snow, Pat Kenney, Joseph Park and most recent Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett doing much job and gaining more power since HH and EB departed.
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