News Meltzer with two bad heel turn predictions *SD spoiler*

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Stopspot, Jun 12, 2013.

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    Neither of these make any sense. Bryan is being built as a hard fighting, underdog babyface. Bryan picking up wins makes it seem more likely that Orton turns heel since Bryan is the one ending up winning when they team.

    Also what makes him think Jericho is turning heel? Meltzer gonna Meltz.

  2. I predicted Bryan was gonna' turn heel too.

    That makes me Meltzer. FML :why:
  3. Orton is much more likely right now.
  4. Thanks for the SD spoiler -.-
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  5. Edited for Ryan's pleasure.
  6. He was pretty spot on with the Ryback heel turn, which everyone else dismissed.

    The Bryan one makes no sense but I can see it fitting under WWELogic somehow. His path does seem like someone who will eventually snap but pretty odd considering he just lead the way into giving The Shield their first team loss. Orton makes more sense considering he could end up pissed that Bryan got the big shining moment in defeating The Shield over him, and perhaps Bryan accidentally hits him (instead of the other way around this time) which causes them to lose the tag title match.

    Jericho's heel turn I could see as a swerve of some kind. He's pissed at the reaction Punk gets (it's his home town after all) and the lukewarm reaction they give Y2J, and he snaps and attacks Punk after losing the match. I'd rather see Jericho as a face nowadays, though.

    Hopefully if a heel turn happens, it's anyone but Bryan. A Bryan/Jericho feud or a Bryan/Orton feud or both would be dope.
  7. Orton already RKO'd Bryan once on purpose whilst Bryan has only struck him by accident. That seems to me like the start of Orton's turn which will culminate at Payback, likely by an accidental hit like you mentioned and him then snapping. Or him feeling threatened by Bryan.

    Considering reports last week said that they want to do Cena vs Bryan as face vs face a heel turn seems so unlikely.
  8. I like how it claims F4W as the source, but when I go on their site I don't see anything about it. Isn't that a coincedence.
  9. DB and Jericho are so over as faces right now, and with few faces right now, it doesn't make sense to turn them heel. I'd rather see them stay face for now.
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  10. Hmmm... what if Jericho beats Punk by heel tactics, leading Punk to be even more infuriated with Heyman and Jericho becoming the next Paul Heyman guy? Double-turn, would be awesome.

    If Daniel Bryan turns heel I'm ragequitting the product, would be unbelievably stupid. But since it's Meltzer reporting this we don't have to worry about that.
  11. Randy doing it on purpose means nothing. They always do this in wrestling. One superstar hits his team-mate accidentally, the team-mate thinks it was on purpose, so he retaliates. It's not a heel turn, it's just how they tend to start feuds or splits.
  12. Well WWE is good at fucking stuff up, and since Shield has been great, Daniel Bryan has been boss, Divas division looks like it may get repaired, and Curtis Axel getting a decent push, this may be on their fuck up list.

  13. :jericho:
  14. Hey, you'll get em next time Dave.
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  16. I honestly wouldn't put it past WWE. Bryan turning heel wouldn't surprise me one bit, lol.

    But yeah, typical Meltz.
  17. How is this guy so famous?
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