Meltzfuck report on Henry and Christian

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Typical Meltzface reporting.

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  2. They need faces badly, they have enough heels for now. Christian can handle being one of the top faces for Smackdown, even though I prefer him as a heel.
  3. I despise Dave Meltzer.
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  4. Typical 50/50 post there by Meltzer.
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  5. So they say he might not return but expect him back before mania? Good to know
  6. Why are we still posting this fuckfaces reports? I thought I called for a site boycott?

    Crayo do your job and make this a bannable offense already
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  7. Because SOMETIMES he's right and actually has scoop, plus the news he "reports" is different than the others, it can spark some good debates.
  8. Sometimes? Yeah, it's 2 out 100 "reports" and "news" that are worth reading.

    This fucktard, so help me God, insults my intelligence on regular basis. You know how they say people like to begin their day with smart people to see how smart themselves are? Well, I like to begin a day with a Meltzer report just to see how great I am.

    If I ever meet you Dave Meltzer, it'll be 20 billions years too soon.
  9. I was actually gonna make a thread asking why people hate on Meltzer (who isn't really any worse than most of the dirtsheet writers), yet they continue to post news reports from him anyway. If he's really so bad, then ignore him already.
  10. This. At least make people say it's a shitty report when they post it.



    Someday, it might happen.

    Report from PWwrestlinginsiderfaggot.
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  12. My broken clock is right SOMETIMES.

    Like I said if people want to read his shit and then post about it just steal his 'insight' and post without mentioning him.

    What good debates does it spark? Every thread is just myself & Testify bashing him and then a group joining in with us.

    and Kev Lockard so help me god.. if you ever want to speak to me in that tone you better think again. And if you still think it's a good idea I'd think about it a third time.
  13. > Meltzer reports WWE are planning to have ADR vs Taker
    > We all bash
    > We then discuss why ADR vs Taker would be good/bad

    Posting his insight with sources is MUCH better than saying "Well I heard WWE are doing this and that" as that gets used for members to "win" their selected debates, sources > no sources; you want to be a journalist so you should know this :pity1:
  14. lol Speak in what tone? I was agreeing with you. Just saying that for those who complain about Meltzer, they should just stop posting stuff from him at all rather than post his articles and then complain about what they themselves chose to post anyway.
  15. So.. Henry could come back soon, but he could stay out for a while as well.

    Seems legit.
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  16. Calling Meltzer a "source" is a stretch Armstrong if I have ever heard one.
  17. I know I was messing with you man. I never post his shit though so I am allowed to bitch lol.

    But yea some complain about him while giving him more exposure (posting his "news" as thread)
  18. I actually don't understand why we hate Meltzarse more than other wrestling wrestling journalists/dirtsheets that have 'scoops'. They all suck ass.
  19. :true:
  20. Meltzer is a known jackass that both Vince and Dana White have shit on for his laughable "reports" so he is an easy target. Also he is the most well known dirtsheet guy (for whatever reason) so naturally he gets hated on the most.
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