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    Post member's alter egos.
    They can be fictional, cartoon or real life people.

    example post :
    @member : Abe Lincoln
  2. :dafuq: you lost me.


    (the "never tells a lie" implies they, as them selves, lies all the time)

    Is there something missing here?
  3. is it not showing? it is showing on mine lol
  4. I see it now. :willis:
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  5. *puts on glasses*
    inb4grandpa ::umad:
  6. Since this is already confusing I changed it.

  7. Mobile site didn't show whatever fruity colour you used first. My eyes are just fine *squints* Briitalin......Bertanicle.......damn
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  8. What were you doing on
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  9. Google image search brah. [​IMG]
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  10. What a compliment

  11. You're Dane Cook, stop trying to be funny.
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    Judging from the few posts of yours I've read, I feel this suits you
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    Or Daniel Tosh. Basically you're just a very funny douche :jeritroll:
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  13. So many compliments, and only so many mental pictures to take. Thanks buddy.

    Mystical George
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  14. I'll take Robert Downey Jnr. Thanks haha
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