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  1. YES! Another Member game! Oh you know you love them! :angry: :yes: :finger:

    -So basically... If you can do a house swap for one month with any member on the forum, who would it be, and why?
    *house swapping is living in someone else's home while they live in your home for a set amount of time.*
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    Umm... there wouldn't be much of a change, tbh. Only that your grades will start to suck, lmfao.

    But no offense or anything, but I really don't wanna' go back, LOL. I'm fine where I am.

    I'd be interested in house swapping with Crayo, Rysenberg / Xanth and maybe Stopspot / deth because I really liked San Diego's downtown area (except the public transportation, it was so confusing, lmao).
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  3. At first, thought "Really? I wouldn't wish living in this city on my worst enemy, full of the stupid people and the one talking point and the 180,000 fast food restaurants and banks"...

    But for a week or so, would be great to exchange sports havens with Dolph'sZiggler. See how he'd like to live in this college town with the one sports bar where the few people who care about pro sports argue about whether the Broncos or the Titans are better before getting completely hammered and crying to each other about the 1997 Heisman before driving drunk on I-40 blaring Rocky Top as vagrants sing along. Meanwhile I'll get Raiders fans... shit, that's not much different at all.

    I'll switch with Britanica, since surely Cleveland's an upgrade over this place... right? Right?
  4. Lol at you picking two Scottish homes, and a Cornish home. Next you'll be saying you want to house swap with Jonathan.
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  5. It's a house swap. One would generally think people would pick the most different home to theirs. I would love to roam England/Scotland, despite you assholes being there. :pity:
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  6. Anyone live in either california or florida? if so i would swap with them i might get to experience a real summer where its not cold and windy for two out of three months of it (i live in kent the most boring place in the world).
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  7. You pick England/Scotland as the areas most different to yours? I pity you. :pity1:
  8. :dafuq:

    You're the one who fuckin' said there were barely any skyscrapers, so yeah, that seems pretty different considering I'm in downtown like every other day. Plus, I don't really know anyone else on the forum who lives in a way different place... maybe like Spain, but I don't want to go there as much as London or something. You really expect me to say Sweden? :pity:
  9. > No skyscrapers

    learn2geography. Lol'd at the Sweden pipebomb though, it's also true :true:

    Yeah I don't know many members who live somewhere really different. I'd say Rodrigo as I want to live in Spain. Perhaps some members who are really rich who live in L.A. or something as well.
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  10. I'd like to swap with someone in a big city. All we have here is dirt bikes, corn fields, fishin' poles, and bon fires.
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  11. Wtf are you bitching about. I just picked people outside the US because god forbid I wanna go outside this sucky country for awhile. :facepalm1: Fine, I'll just pick Scotland then since you're on your period or something.

    and learn2ashleynamemebersyouwannaswapwith :pity: no one's in LA. It's either San Francisco/Bay Area(since idk what city Dolphs is in exactly), San Diego or Wisconsin for you.
  12. There could be someone in LA for all we know. I dunno what Bay Area is but I know Dolph has like shit tons of shops and stuff near him. Big change from Cornwall, where we have like... one shop. A pasty shop.
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  13. When I decide to torture people I'll switch homes with Crayo. There isn't anything more painful then living in Cornwall.
  14. Bay Area is a county. It's a huge area in the bay (hence Bay Area) with multiple cities including the cities Dolph's and I live in. I'm not exactly sure how far the "Bay Area" extends to, but apparently it's pretty huge since that Eva Marie bitch was advertised as being from the Bay Area, yet she lives like 7 cities away from me, so idk.
  15. With myself. I've got sun, countryside, Madrid at 2 hrs by car, awesome girls, awesome, friendly people, awesome food and a XV century city. I live at 15 km of all that. And a 300 m of house + 1 dog + pool + a huge garden + 3 horses. Then, I could go to the beach (2.5 hrs) or to Ibiza (1 hr plain) or go visit eddy

    I would love to live in Ohio because I'm a huggeeee CCavaliers mark. If not, Sweden for the girls. Oh and the snow. Btw, in my place, there's a lot of snow as well. Just google Burgos hehe
  16. No one. Sunderland > All.
  17. We'll take that :obama:
  18. She could raid his panty drawer!
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