Member of the Month: 24hr Vote Off

Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Rysenberg, Aug 10, 2013.

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Member of the Month?

Poll closed Aug 11, 2013.
  1. Lady Deathbane

  2. Danielson

  1. Lady Deathbane vs Danielson. Whomever has the most votes by this time tomorrow, well, wins.
  2. Well, since deth isn't an option...

    LDB! LDB! LDB!
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  3. This is hard. Lady has had an awesome month. But Danny is so underrated, he's always in the LDT. And he should have win already a MOM. Danny gets my vote.
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  4. I don't know. :upset:I'm going to flip a coin. LDB has been a great mod and has been awesome, and Danny has been great in LDs and such.
  5. Posting wise Danny has been all over the forums and has been doing it for a while now, not just this month. The guy was Mr. Live Discussion in August.

    Lady Deathbane made the forums better at night because she was not only modding, but actively posting as well, which is more than can be said for a good chunk of mods here.

    Anyway, my vote goes for Danny because he contributed a lot to every section. Tough having to choose between em though.
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  6. My vote goes for Lady. She's had a great month and Danny will have a lot more opportunities to be the MOTM. He was in the Top 3 back in February and I'm sure he'll be the MOTM soon.
  7. I love both, and both like so many of my posts.. so its close....

    Had to go Deathbane, sorry Danny. I just can't help but remember how much cooler Zach 's video was than yours
  8. Danny. I mean he's a Giants fan, how could I not vote for him?
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  9. I'm going with LD because she's a fellow girl plus she remembers that I'm 17, not 10! XD

    Anyways I can't decide to and I used a random name generator for this and LD won, sorry Danny! :/
  10. You're not 10?! [​IMG]

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  11. This one is so hard! :upset: both are deserving!!! :why:

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  13. :pipebomb:
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  14. I'm so torn! Both have been phenomenal this month... *takes a peek at the view results page*

    May as well even it up. Split the MOTM :emoji_slight_smile:
  15. Danny, long overdue
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  16. I went with Danny. Lady got the promotion to staff so I think Danielson should win this one.
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  17. Danny. Sorry Deathbane was a nightmare of a choice as ur both legends.
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  18. My vote goes to Danielson this month. I think he was very active on the forum, especially during live discussions with Raw and Smackdown.
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  19. Danny "Arbys today i think" "Woods.
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