Member of the Month August: Vote off

Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Sep 5, 2013.

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Member of the Month for August?

Poll closed Sep 6, 2013.
  1. Danielson

  2. Big E Rection (aka Dat Kid)

  1. Choose which member you think should be member of the month for August and vote on the poll above.

    Poll will be closed in 24 hours.
  2. Danny, kid has been awesome though
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  3. Tough one. Voted DK simply because Danny was just MOTM.
  4. Voted danny because Dat Kid wont ever win.
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  5. Danny cause he's white his activity across the forums has been beastly.
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  6. Dat Kid because of his intense activity and because he's black.
  7. Why cant I be member of the month come on you know I am very popular here
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  8. ^ That makes me believe BLFFL is a troll.

    Anyway, Danielson, HQ member and overall very chill guy.
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  9. Because you're the Lil' Wayne of the female population and in turn makes me embarassed to be a female at all.
  10. on bus
    post summary of drama
    read later
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  11. Cant believe from is getting motm before me. Oh well :boss1:
  12. Dat Kid for me as Danny has just had it so as is my workplace policy of rotating employee of the month gonna do same here.
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  13. Nothing happened, really. BLFFL just asked why she didn't get an opportunity to be MOTM, so I told her her she's Lil Wayne. :jeritroll:
  14. Nah I meant the original drama with BLFFL, just noticed people hinting stuff recently.
  15. Oh, uhh... idk. Nothing happened out of the norm, really. The BLFFL thread count has been highly lately, so I guess that would explain all of us bitching about her more. Just her stating she hates a wrestler/wrestlers for, pretty much, no valid reason at all. Us females are so nice. We fight aliens and doesn't afraid of anything.
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  17. Crayo

    no troll doe
  18. Like I want to tolerate stupidity. :pity:
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