Member of the Month: June- Face off

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Who is June's MotM?

Poll closed Jul 1, 2014.
  1. Majour

  2. dios

  3. Trip in the Head

  4. Leo C

  1. Choose which member you think should be member of the month for June 2014 and vote on the poll above.
    Don't vote for yourself or you will be DQ'D.
    Poll will be closed in 24 hours.
  2. How is D'Z not in consideration? He posts more than anyone. Anyways, Dios obvy choice.
  3. Trip because IWT. Jesus wept
  4. Trips, cause he's stepped up and taken on IWT responsibility like a champ.
  5. Congrats Trip! Well deserved!
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  6. I didn't see anyone nominating me for running IWT solo for what, 5-6 months? :tough:
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  7. Ohhhhhh someones jelly guys
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  8. Nobody tagged @Solidus yet? MOTM tab change and medal awarding required =)

    Congrats again Trip!
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  9. Well deserved.
  10. Get your friends at dominoes to sign up here.
  11. my vote is still for tgmi the burly lad that he is
  12. Updated and award given. Still need to find a better place for the MOTM block :hmm:
  13. On the side between recent statuses and latest posts would work. It will break the monotony of pure text down the side.
  14. That makes the sidebar longer than the forums, I hate that.
  15. Can you change the format to this? [​IMG]

    But have the info on it like this....

    Trip In The Head
    Member of the Month
    perhaps bold in the largest font that will fit... that should make the sidebar even with the board.
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