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Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Rysenberg, Jul 1, 2013.

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    Here we go again chaps and chapettes. Vote for who you think was the best member in May. Before you vote, please ensure you read the rules below.

    1. You cannot vote for yourself or a Chairman.
    2. No off-topic posts here, I want this to be neat and tidy so it's easy for me to update.
    3. If you insult any other user who has received a vote or even voice your opinion on that vote, then your vote will be void and you'll no longer be able to vote. Keep your opinions to yourself.
    4. Anyone caught cheating will be disqualified.
    5. You have to attach a reason with your vote, an example vote is given below:
    Example vote: "I'm voting for Seabs. He has been active in the wrestling sections and is a very friendly guy".

    Please read: Because group members only voted for their group members last month, and the month before that, and the month before that, there will be no face off. The four users with the most votes will then go into a short list and staff will choose the winner.

    Good luck everybody.

    Current Standings:

    Rain - 11
    Seabs - 1
    Kevin Lockard - 1
    Dolph'sZiggler - 1
    Danielson - 1
    Jonaflap - 1
    Dat Kid From Jersey -1
  2. i'm voting for Roman Rains. Dope member, puts up with my constant (shitty) jokes, and is active in discussions/threads on the forum.
  3. I vote for Seabs. He had over 400 more posts than any other user in June and is generally a nice guy. It doesn't matter how many times he's won this :tough:
  4. Voted the Rainman.

    He's a great user!
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  5. The brothers from the brotherhood support each other. My vote goes for Roman Rains!
  6. Voting for Rains. Great dude, active.
  7. Voting for KLockard23 bumped up his activity a lot this month and he didn't sacrifice any of his quality in his posts to do it.. He brings up good points in every wrestling thread and is the best poster this month hands down.
  8. Voting for Roman Reigns as he has stood out this month other than Seabs and D'Z as usual.
  9. Voting for Dolph'sZiggler because he loves my avatar of high quality and activity.
  10. Rainman - he will go down as one of the GOATs of this forum when it's all said and done.
  11. Since everyone is voting rains (Who did a fantastic month) I will go with Danny. I couldn't really decide but I will go with him. He's a guy who's always there. He's usually the most active guy at the LDT and if you check out the top contributors, he's always there. He's never voted for this award (Don't know why) and he's a friendly, cool and all that + Daniel Bryan is gettin a push.

    So yeah, my vote goes to Danielson

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  12. Voting Jonathan. He kept IWT going & does a great job at it.
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  13. Gotta go with Rain as well. Active, funny, and an all around nice guy.
  14. I GOT ONE!
  15. Seriously, I cant understand it
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  16. +1 for use of that username. Thanks, buddy.

    Yeah ikr, you're the one guy who just needs a subtitle, so instead of just bitching I can just say "Hey, yo: Look at my subtitle, bro" or some corny bullshit like that.

    so of course you stop the shitty jokes after I make it. Dammit ai... oh, just "Yo, usertitle"

    Anyway, if you're so determined to be an HQ member that you're willing to revive old ass threads to make sure you remain active, you deserve some respect. So voting for Dat Kid.
    Not to mention he may be Edward Snowden in disguise :shock:
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  17. I don't know many members around here, but I'd have to choose Rains.
  18. Rains because its his turn in the rotation
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  19. Rains starting pitcher huh lol..Rains is my vote, always a good guy to talk to especially LD here weekly.Hopefully one month I'm in this discussion but won't make my life goal here, more rather to contribute to the site anyway possible.
  20. Voting Rain as well, I love the guy. He's pretty chill, funny and was really active as far as I can remember last month. :obama:
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