Member of the month nomination thread.

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by seabs, Feb 23, 2012.

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  1. Previous thread :

    This seems to be forgotten to an extent and I figured we'll be due another poll soon so nominate here then we'll create a poll bases upon the nominees. The reason we need nominations is due to the large amount of members we have now and the poll is limited to 15 people. Please don't nominate yourself. Chairmen and crew are not included as it seems they may get votes based on power not content.

    Please use the following format
     Name of Member - 
    Reason for nomination -
    Any notable threads / posts - 

  2. Reason why it was forgotten was I was planning to wait until the MOTM plugin we spoke about. But for now I guess we can use an award, which I still owe you lmao.
  3. It doesn't even need an award tbh, I don't think people take it too seriously. It's just a chance to show appreciation for the hard work people put in. If you win you could make it optional to put something like this in their signature like a title.
  4. Perhaps, in time though I'm definitely wanting a championship belt on the post_bit inside its own box. That will give people more motivation to get MOTM which means the site benefits massively.
  5. Name of Member - RKO
    Reason for nomination - Currently the top poster of the forums as a member.
    Any notable threads / posts - His thread with the most replies? :hehe:
  6. Normally I resist from letting my vote come out publicly, but this time I want too.

    Name of Member - @[Big Hoss Rambler]
    Reason for nomination - His YouTube promotion, helped the site LOADS.
    Any notable threads / posts - Not particular ones, but is a HQ poster generally.
  7. Thanks for posting my thread with an amazing 1040 posts! Also, thanks for the nomination :love:

    Can we nominate Chairmen or Crew? If not, then I nominate @[Mike.] for being the highest caliber poster and thinker on WF.
  8. What happened to awards?
  9. Name of member: Jordan L.
    Reason: His sexy design skills. :emoji_wink:

  10. #StillNoHashTagPlugIn Eh?
  11. Crayo is editing them I believe @[CM Punk]

    They don't show up on this theme anyways, so there's not a point to them really, unless @[Jordan L.] wants to be extremely awesome, and edit the theme to include awards in the post_bit :emoji_grin:
  12. SIGHHHH. Give me an hour or so. :emoji_slight_smile:

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