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  1. You guys ever have member of the month? TWF had it for a time and it was fun while it lasted. Basically each month a thread would be created with members of the forum nominating other members with links to their contribution to the forum (Links and such)

    We then made a vote which most members of the forum would vote in (Had one of those alerts to let people know voting was going on) And then someone won and became member of the month. They had their profile pic displayed with their name and the month they became member of the month above the members online thing. Think that was it (They may have got other shit such as being premium/legend for the month or something. It was fun though. You could only become member of the month once and I think staff members couldn't be nominated.
  2. Yes, it was discontinued a while back but will be making a return.
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  3. On the old forum I was nominated for member of the month like...last two months it was around. First I lost narrowly, then the next month they never gave it out and it was RIP.

    I swear I'm not bitter over it... *sniffle*
  4. We had it, but interest was lost after activity went down.
    Pretty sure there's still an award for it though which is weird.
  5. Know what else is weird?

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  6. You'll have a chance to win it here eventually :obama:
  7. I should've won this MOTM thing like 2 years ago, but then it got pulled. fml
  8. I'm a 15X MOTM
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  9. So, what you're trying to say is that you're the John Cena of WWEF? :supercena:
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  10. I never won... AND LOOK AT ME MEOW!! :angry: :kitler:
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Don't listen to her pal, we're golden.
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  13. Woooooo more like Flair
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  14. Never won it :emoji_slight_frown:
  15. Could've simply awarded yourself when you used to be the owner. :ambrose4:
  16. I won it in May 2014 lol
  17. I'd vote for you if you played Xbox more you pos.
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  18. You ran the forum at the time and it was Seab, D'z, Stop, and Rain at their best. Come back bby, the love you take is equal to the love you make.
  19. @Roadster amiright?
  20. i know you?
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