Member of the Month.

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  1. Will be starting a voting poll in a few days for you all to decide who gets it. I know the plugin isn't ready but there's some users who have put serious dedication in to WF in what is probably the most important month of a forum (the first month). We've had a nice level of donations which will pay for the hosting for at least the next 3-5 months with some spare to purchase things like our userbars. We've had some great high quality threads, in fact, lots of them.

    So yeah, I'll be making that poll soon. How it'll work without the plugin, read on. I'll create a MOTM award with the usual awards plugin and handing it to the winner. If our custom one isn't ready by the next month, we'd just strip the award from the past winner and give to the new one (if the previous MOTM winner doesn't retain it month after), all winners etc will be recorded, so we can acknowledge you in the new plugin.

    Stay tuned! :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. Great announcement.
    I bet everyone is looking forward for this.
  3. Sounds good! Can not wait
  4. This is very cool to hear about. I'm sure it will encourage more members to be of even higher quality. :emoji_slight_smile:

    I know of two people that will have a good fight in the poll. :emoji_wink:
  5. Fight? What fight?
    I'm already in Crayo's heart, he just doesn't announce it yet because of the suspense and the excitement.

  6. What are you talking about? You're in everybody's heart.. And by fight, I mean, it'll be a close competition in the pole between 2-3 members imparticular.
  7. Glad that so many of you like this :emoji_slight_smile:.

    It's not up to me, there's a poll remember (soon) and you vote yourselves. I of course can vote and will.
  8. Awesome news. Perhaps you should allow 2 votes each member, no voting yourself. Might make it more interesting.
  9. How long will the poll be open for?
  10. You should make the first poll public, to see who voted for you. :emoji_wink:
  11. Possibly around 7-10 days. Not sure yet, near the end of the month we'll close it.

    I'm liking that 2 votes per user idea Sage.
  12. Is it called Member of the Month and not Champion because it would seem like the Title is being changed every month?
  13. I think it should be called King Of The Ring.. It does actually make sense.
  14. What ring? This is WWE Forums.
  15. No, just the idea behind it. You get chosen to compete for king of the ring, (you get nominated for MoTM). Then you face everybody for your chance to win. (You get chosen by the other users).
  16. It should be called MoTMania.
  17. But King of the Ring is once a year, while Championships get thrown every now and than.
  18. It won't just be MOTM no. Feel free to discuss interested names like you are. I like WF Champion as an idea.

    MotMania could be used as the voting thread name.
  19. So, Championship at the end of every month, and KoTR at the end of the year? hat sounds good to me.
  20. Kotr will be a permanent award. Champion would get put to the holder. The plugin eventually will do all this automatically and you could have like "2X WF champion" on your profile if you won MOTM 2 times.