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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Senhor Perfect, Jul 30, 2013.

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  1. Taking a page out of Brita's playbook, which members would portray Simpsons characters and why. After a day or two I'll tally up the votes and see who would be who.

    Here are my choices.

    deth - Otto : Smokes a lot of weed, listens to metal, endangers the lives of children daily.

    Danielson - Barney : Likes to drink but when sober is intelligent with a lovely singing voice.

    Britanica - Crazy cat lady : No explanation necessary.

    Xanth - Comic book guy : fatness.

    @Dolph's Ziggler - Bart : He doesn't play by your rules man!

    Aids Johnson - Milhouse : Bart's sidekick/ass licker

    Lady Deathbane - Cookie Kwan : Asian, from the West Side

    Adam Aries - Willie : Scottish/Ginger

    Cloud - Ned Flanders : Nicest guy in town

    Rainman - Martin Prince : Smart and nerdy

    GrammarNazi82 - Lisa (with boobs) : Smart, animal lover, and obsessive over certain things.

    Dat Chocolate From Jersey - Carl Carlson : Black guy 1 of 2

    @Fluttershy Farooq - Eddie the Cop : Black guy 2 of 2

    Seabs - Sherri : Twin 1 of 2

    Alkaline - Terri : Twin 2 of 2

    ZERO - Ralph Wiggum : no explanation needed.

    Crayo - Smithers : Closet homersexual

    That's all I can think of for now. Have at it!
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  2. :willis: I actually lol'd at this haha

  3. :lol1: Nicely done! I'm actually OK with my character and description as it's plenty accurate. :obama:

    One of these days I should take my long hair, dye it blue and try to stick it straight up to see if I can pass as Marge.
  4. I am just going to keep being the old crazy cat lady... :notsure:
    I hate you all. :willis:
  5. I don't really watch Simpsons, so I can't participate, but thank you for the tag. :smug:
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  6. As long as I ain't annoying like Flanders thats cool neighbourino!

    Senhor Perfect
  7. No, just nice and helpful :lol1:
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  8. Flanders? Really guys? Fucking Flanders?
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  9. You're Smithers, all the way!
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  10. But who is his Burns, Solidus, Anon?
  11. Me and you both pal. I dont mind though.
  12. Perhaps the oldest male on the forums? :ksi:
  13. Who's not normal in Simpsons is me.
  14. I'd normally agree as he can put his foot down sometimes, but is nice for the majority, but I don't have a Burns type character I asslick to high heaven.
  15. Thanks for the tags, but...
    I'm so out of here.

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    ironically I could just hide by not posting but still
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  16. Ashley you do.....ZERO ! :pipebomb:
  17. Fucking true. You win. Again.
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