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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dat Kid, Sep 23, 2012.

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  1. I know I've been here like 2 weeks so I can't go on much but I'd like to compare members of the forum to WWE Superstars based on how they post. Thought this might be fun.

    Crayo = John Cena. One of the main guys, face as hell (not superstar preference), and for some odd reason a lot of people don't like you.

    Aids Johnson = CM Punk. Says things that rubbed the brass the wrong way and gets kicked out.

    Hollywood's Dolph's Ziggler = Triple H. Because he wants to bury what he doesn't like. Better Dolph's?

    Lacky = Sheamus. For shoving all your damn posts down our throats. This guy has posted more in one day than I have my entire two weeks here. Damn you Lacky! :aries:

    Xanth = The anonymous GM. Only time I ever recall seeing you in a post is when I suggest things to the forums.

    Vince McMahon = Vince McMahon. Because he "hired" me.

    Big Hoss Rambler = Wade Barrett. Recruits a massive amount of members.

    The Goat Derpy/Farooq = Chris Jericho. Mainly because of all the rock music, but because he's heel sometimes and face other times.
  2. Dolph's as Del Rio.... I am not sure how he would react to this actually.... :hmm:
  3. His name is Farooq ffs
  4. It was Derpy last time I checked but I'll edit anyways
  5. Felt pretty disrespected actually. I would encourage ol boy to edit it before I boot his ass from NWO

  6. Figured something like that for your reaction. Possibly you saying something like "Sure he has good ring skills but he is about as interesting as cardboard"
  7. Dolph's is like Roode.
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  8. You want to kick me out of the group because you don't agree with my opinion. :pity:
  9. I'm Sheamus, :obama: sounds about right, was fun reading that. :otunga:
  10. This guy gets it.

    fucks sake. I know you are new but I thought you were smarter than this. If you don't understand my sarcastic bullshitting nature then idk what we're doing here

    I just don't see the comparison at all. And I don't troll anyone. I just let everyone know exactly how I feel.
  11. Crayo is Sheamus. he loves it.
  12. Exactly but the way you do it, ain't exactly face. Del Rio is constantly cursing people out in spanish. Figured that sounds just like you. But I'll just erase your name from this post if that's what you prefer. :haha:

    Sorry boss
  13. If you watched TNA you would have made the Bobby Roode comparison that CM Punk made I think.

    I'm wayyyyyyyyyyyy too over to be ADR.
  14. Dat Kid, Dolph's would never say something like "peasant" or "hooligan". He would say something like, "Kiss my ass!"
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  16. I am the boss :kiss:
  17. What about me? I am NOT one of the following: Santino, Slater, Antonio and any sort of jobber.
  18. Vince McMahon ruins the WWE, and you ruin these boards.

    Spot on comparison on that one
  19. :hogan:
  20. Dude I have no idea who you are :haha:
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