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  1. Yeah, uhm.

    I just wanna thank each and everyone o' y'all, for what you've done for me here.
    It's still real to me dammit! :upset:
    I mean, thank you, thank y'all guys, you're awesome. Thank you so much Crayo for saying what needed to be said! I don't wanna see another one of these..

    Thank you all for getting my membership guys.
  2. You got a membership :O nobody get me a membership :cry:
  3. Lol, I won it man! Last night after Raw.. That was why there were points in your display..
  4. Yeah how was the first non upgraded member. Congrats Mr Tortilla.
  5. what happened to superstar??? that's like... inducting an FCW talent into the hall of fame before his debut :boss:
  6. Thank you very much! :upset:

    Cuz I'm Jose, and I'm aaaaaaaaaaaawesomeeeeeee :baws:
  7. ohhh lolz I forgot about that competition ages ago.
  8. Haha, I didn't notice the whole thing in the beginning. But when I saw how many points I had after a few days, I just went all the way for it..
  9. Shouldn't you have the diamond?
  10. I didn't contribute. I can't get it working from out Holland..
  11. No the red one, it's for upgrading to legend.
  12. Ooh, hmm I don't know. I got the spammer award with it, so I'm happy now, not going to ask for anything else atm. :emoji_wink:
    Tnx for the notice tho!
  13. Grats again. Anxiety will make more contests in the future for you guys to win and get upgraded.
  14. Thanks dude, cool shizz! :otunga:
  15. Congrats to Big Hoss and Jose who smashed everyone bar probs Crayo into smithereens on that comp.
  16. Seeing that I got my ninja award, I don't want any more competitions. Ninja award only belongs to me.

  17. LOLS that Ninja award is freaking cool man so jealous.
  18. Of course you get the diamond, I was just a forgetful tool and didn't give it. My bad. Will give it now.
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