Memoirs of a TNA Fanboy: 9/13 Impact edition

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Sep 12, 2012.

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  1. Sadly, I cannot remember the last time I was anticipating an episode of Impact LESS than I am looking forward to tomorrow's show. And considering the timing of this, it is really disappointing. We are coming off of the finale of the BFG Series, and heading into the build for the biggest PPV of the year, Bound for Glory.

    I can't exactly put my finger on what it is hindering my excitement, but I believe it mostly lies in the Aces & Eights storyline. I've semi-defended this storyline even though it has admittedly been very hit-or-miss. I wasn't big on it from the jump, but as it developed into Aries becoming the Little Badass that could it peaked my interest. The height of the angle IMO was Aries getting his broken arm and then the hunt to find the 'arm breaker'

    The Hogan/Aries Russo-esque torture scenes were bad.. so bad they were perfect and hilarious. That actually describes Hogan throughout this angle. He has been bad, really bad, but so bad that it entertains me to no end. Remember his growling and snarling when he first came back? Good god, comedy gold. The limping around with the bat, talking shit like a 4th grader, and then the torture scenes were over the top awesome, Jack.

    So we get the match announced that 'Arm Breaker' will 'fight' Aries at the PPV. And that's what it was-- a fight. Which is fine. Aries' display of intensity was fantastic, and I at least somewhat enjoyed the fight. Having no ref though really telegraphed the finish-- of course Aces and Eights are going to jump Aries, and a brawl will ensue. Fine, I can almost live with that.. if something else happens. Nothing did. This angle is essentially in the exact same place it was in 2 months ago, and I can't stand it at this point.

    Add in that of the 4 semifinalists in the BFG Series the one man I didn't want to win-- won. I've made my mixed feelings on Hardy quite clear. I don't like the guy or dislike the guy, and depending on my mood, the match, or segment, I sometimes enjoy his work, I sometimes don't. But what I see happening here in the build for BFG is going to be a buddy buddy respect storyline between Hardy and Aries.. they will probably 'team up' to some extent against Aces & Eights while talking about how they can't wait to steal the show/tear down the house at the ME of BFG. If this were a lesser PPV I wouldn't mind this storyline, but I can't really get behind it as the main event storyline at your PPV of the year. no thank you

    That is my other qualm of this... by not advancing the Aces & Eights storyline last night, you are basically telling me as a smark that the pay off for this storyline will in fact be at BFG, and probably have some sort of hand in the outcome of the main event. Again, not something I would want at all. Could it be a swerve and either Aries or Hardy, one of the two men most adversely affected by A&8's is behind it all along and they come out to help them win? God I hope not. I just don't see any way for them to sensibly and efficiently wrap this angle up, and it bums me out.

    Then we have Roode and Storm. No major complaints because it was the best feud of the first half of 2012 by FAR. Their promo work together was off the charts outstanding. But a year later and we still have Roode doing the beer bottle spot. It has grown tedious to me and I wish he would at least find a new weapon of choice. Beer bottles are Storm's thing. I don't want to see Roode doing the broken beer bottle trick any longer. I also would have liked to have seen this feud somehow find a way to main event BFG, because it is the best built feud in professional wrestling, one year in the making. Those hopes were obviously dashed by Aries winning the belt at Dest. X, which I can't complain about because I've made it clear that IMO that was the best moment & match of the year in wrestling. So yea, Roode/Storm, cool, should be good, could be better.

    And after that? We are almost exactly one month away and off the top of my head I can't think of one other feud that has any ground work laid out for BFG. I guess we might get Joe/Magnus, but good god what would the point be? #1 Magnus couldn't even beat fucking RVD. #2 Joe is being pushed like Godzilla lately and to pay that off with a lame ass match against a kayfabe jabroni like Magnus is quite counterproductive.

    Let me know what you guys think. I will still be watching obviously and hoping for the best, but after an awesome summer with great shows and PPVs, I am sad that this is my current stance on the product at this point in the game when I feel like I should be more amped up than ever.
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  2. I've said since Sunday that my qualms with No Surrender -- which really let me down -- will not be complete negatives until this weeks impact. The biggest issues with me is the stale and repetitively horribly booked Aces & Eights storyline, Aries/Hardy instead of Aries/Ray or Joe and nothing left for the likes of Joe/Magnus/Ray and such just one month away from the biggest PPV in the year. However, this weeks impact could save it. Aces & Eights could finally have a twist to build on for BFG. Aries/Hardy could be spiced up with character changes and such, I guess the face v face concept is one similar to Rock/Austin, arguably their two most over faces going at it at the biggest PPV of the year. They could I guess go down the root of revealing the leader of Aces & eights and having that group vs group of unused stars for BFG, but I doubt any of us will be marking out over that.

    So far though I completely agree with you. I'm not less excited I'm just not more excited which I should be, like you. But I'm optimistic about this weeks impact pulling me back in again. We'll see tomorrow I guess.
  3. If we get a generic 'hey lettuce have 5 random TNA guys team up to fight off Aces&8s' at BFG I'm going to punt my Hulk Hogan blow up doll into a wood chipper. fuck that
  4. Now the question is...Why do you have a blow up doll of the Hulkster?
  5. Bad move.
  6. Better question. Why doesn't everyone have one?
  7. My parents got me a Macho Man one instead :sad:
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  8. Snap into his slimjim.

    Im just going to be the TNA fanboy and only hate on a few things. No advance in aces and 8s, but hopefully even more Aries, and there was no sting. more Kazarian hopefully, Hardy will most likely be absent, and bully will have plenty to hate on.

    Honestly, the only thing im actually excited for, is Bobby Roode. The rest will be alright. Just keep hogan limited on the mic.
  9. F haters. I love Sting as long as he isn't going over anyone in a match.

    But yea, I'm really only eager to see Roode. He is the man
  10. Sting and hogan? no. Sting splitting the tv time that would go to hogan? Hell yeah. Not into team old timers.
  11. Team Old Timers > Your life
  12. Team old timers = your youporn.
  13. Don't blame me that Hogan & Sting are still more entertaining than most younger guys in 2012. Not my fault
  14. not sure if gay porn joke or young tna guys. Either way, Jose most likely posted photos/links in one of the 18+ lockerroom threads.
  15. A lot of it may have to do with Packers/Bears happening on the same night and our combined euphoria that NFL is back, so wrestling's been on the back burner. This show hasn't really been built to at all, No Surrender didn't leave many cliffhangers and last week's show was virtually all PPV hype.

    I wouldn't doubt the company yet. Aries is getting most of the focus with the Aces and Eights, so his performance will make it interesting. Hardy/Aries doesn't need a heel turn or any storyline to it, it's just two massive kayfabe stars wanting to hold the most prestigious title in professional wrestling, so 1-2 epic Aries promo segments will be all it needs, they'll be with Aces and Eights as you said. Maybe we'll get some follow-up with Hogan and the cops to guarantee a clean finish, and actually deliver it this time.

    Obviously they need to set up more feuds. Clearly AJ will be gunning for revenge with Daniels and the WTTCOTW, but wish there was a logical tie-in with someone other than the random Angle. Maybe they can find a compelling opponent for Ion (doubt it), maybe a mid-card feud with Kenny King since he needs to be back on TV... It's really the unknown that's drawing me in (and TNA's consistent quality)

    Sadly they'll probably have Lethal Lockdown, team TNA vs the Aces and Eights, hopefully they throw guys like Anderson and BVD who have the star power to belong on the card but simply aren't good enough to deserve singles matches in there, and keep guys like Joe out so he can kick ass on his own as Joe should.
  16. Not in my circumstance.. I work every Thursday anyway so I won't be seeing any Thursday Night Football this season.. and I'll be watching TNA on Friday like always.

    Sucks dick though that I can't be excited for Bears/Packers

    We know we are getting Roode/Storm. We know Aries/Hardy will have to be either feuding or at least interacting. If you see any other way for the story to go besides them teaming together against Aces & Eights please let me hear it.

    And I would never doubt TNA. You are reading too far into this thread. I clearly just said I am less excited than usual for Impact. It is still going to be the first thing I do when I get home from class on Friday.
    AJ/Daniels/Kaz = boring. I was over AJ/Daniels long ago. So played out. I really don't see Ion suddenly being put into a feud or King for that matter as they build towards BFG. That is like saying you expect Dolph Ziggler to get put into a big feud leading into Wrestlemania. It isn't those types of guys time to shine. You have a better chance of a random RVD or Anderson feud popping up than anything you mentioned besides AJ & TWTTCOTW

    The only thing I see for Joe is a continuation of the deal with magnus. TNA hasn't started laying the groundwork for that feud for no reason, and BFG is the place to do the blow off if they are high on Magnus. Honestly either outcome in that match would piss me off. Why the FUCK would Joe job to Magnus at BFG after RVD of all pricks beat him at No Surrender? And if Joe goes over Magnus who gives a damn? He should be doing much more important things so his time has still been wasted.

    Bully will have a feud, obviously. I think he will stay involved with the Aces & Eights angle and maybe have a semi-feud with the old timers gang as they start to accuse him more and more of being the secret leader.

    Then we have the ground work for a Joey Ryan/Al Snow feud.. but do they have that much confidence in Ryan to build this feud up and to let them have a match at BFG? Idk, but I hope so.

    I could see Crimson returning soon and being put into something. He is too good IMO to keep away for an extended period of time.
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