Memorial Day

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Cloud, May 30, 2016.

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  1. Am I the only one thinking that Cena returns tonight and beates Rusev for the US title? It being memorial day and all? Cena had a run going with that open challenge it'd be a hell of a way to kick start it again. It'd destroy Rusev but it just seems far to fitting for WWE not to capitalize.
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  2. Seems like a pretty obvious direction to go if you ask me so I agree.
  3. John Cena will be entered into the Money in the Bank. Cashes in at Summer Slam but announces it before hand and we get Reigns vs. Cena.
  4. 3 possible scenarios for Cena:

    1) He's the new challenger for the US title
    2) New challenger for the IC title. Just because he's done pretty much everything with the US title and winning the IC title off of Miz would make him a Grand Slam champion.
    3) Final MITB participant BECAUSE I WANNA BE 16X WORLD CHAMPION, BAYBAY. :supercena:
  5. Hard to beleive Miz became a Grand Slam champ before Super Juan John Chain Gang Thuganomic Never Give Up Hate Riser Cena
  6. Didn't consider that, seems likely.
  7. Cena is more likely to go after the IC belt I think. Miz needs to drop it to go off and shoot his new movie. And it is the only belt Cena has not held in WWE. And since he is heavily linked with the Smackdown brand going forward it makes sense.
  8. Everyone was wrong. And for the best right now. Cena vs styles. Can't wait
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