Kayfabe Memory

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  1. The camera pans in on a large room, Votan is seen with his back facing to the camera working his strikes on a punching bag. As the camera gets closer, multiple punching bags are seen scattered across the floor all showing clear signs that Votan has worked them. He stops hitting the bag for a moment and begins to speak. With his back still facing the camera.

    Votan: H... once you feel my strength, my strikes, my throws, my holds, my power.. you're gonna wish that you had to drop out. I'm going to hurt you, very very badly.

    Votan resumes hitting the punching bag, he lands his "Tigers Fang" finisher and knocks the bag off its chain. He turns his head slightly towards the camera.

    Votan: After this match, you're going to be nothing but a memory.

    The camera slowly fades out..