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  1. Disclaimer: For everything I'm about to write just know, No Homo...

    The Women here (and me) need a men of wrestling thread. I'm tired of admiring hot babes that I will never have a chance with, I wanna ogle at some beefcake bros, some handsome dudes, hunks, macho men, Seth Rollins , Finn Balor-- all the stupid sexy male superstars! For equality and homo.
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  2. Man, I just wanna fuck Finn Bálor

    no homo tho
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  3. I would do anything to get anally fucked by Mojo Rawley. lol no homo lol.
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  4. Angélico is bae.

    The pic is too big (open)

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  5. Oh man I can't wait to have him inside me. no home lmao haha
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  6. All the homo.
  7. Nah man. Just because I want Mojo to cum inside my butthole doesn't mean I'm a homo. lol.
  8. Content first, section second. :ambrose2:
  9. Equality, Men should be equally as objectified as women.
  10. I want to cuddle with Mark Henry
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. im hard
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  13. I was also wondering why there wasn't a section for this?

    It seems the section is intended for sexualizing wrestlers but to make a thread for male wrestlers specifically one would have to put it in one of the general WWE discussion sections which would strike me as off-topic.

    This really comes across as sexist and I've noticed most every wrestling form has this segregated section which usually includes threads about models unrelated to wrestling.

    And I know I immediately threw down the sexist card but I wouldn't have bothered if it didn't seem so unusual here. Obviously many people are in favor of a section like this for male wrestlers, despite the users gender or sexuality, or how earnestly they sign off with no homo.
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  14. Not enough interest to warrant an entire section. The thread died pretty early on and only a small number of people contributed to it regularly.
  15. I think people might be surprised at how popular it would be. I know this isn't Tumblr, but there is quite an audience for it.
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  16. The main purpose for the section is for wrestlers doing modeling shots, an industry that is dominated by women and thus caters to men. I can only assume that the models want these to be looked at and discussed.
    Unless these women are being forced to take these photos (nude ones in particular), they sexualize themselves, not the men.

    Again, catering the member base that we have. I've never seen a single thread here dedicated to a male wrestler and his photoshoots. There is a thread titled "men of wrestling" which is seemingly used for pictures of mens junk whilst they wrestle.
    As above... content first, section second.
  17. I think you misunderstood my use of the word sexualize as a pejorative. Sex work, be it prostitution or modeling, is completely valid and those who work in those industries deserve respect. I only meant that the section seemed to concentrate solely on one aspect of female wrestlers careers but puts it under the guise of discourse specifically about female wrestlers in general. The section isn't called "the sexual appeal of female wrestlers"

    "content first, section second" is a fine philosophy to run a forum under but I'd wager it's hypocritical. How long into the formation of this forum was that particular section created? Was there a thread similar to the one for men that then became popular enough that the female wrestler section was created? Is there a certain post limit on the current male version that will then qualify it to become its own section?

    I know from running forums myself that supply and demand can be unique in this platform. Members joining get an impression about what the community is, what is allowed, and what is taboo by the actual set up of the forum. There has been numerous times that only after I created a section that people showed interest, they assumed absence meant intolerance.

    I had a similar impression here upon seeing yet another segregated section for female wrestlers with no indication that it was intended to be specifically for sexualization, the subtitle of the section here describes it as there to "appreciate the women of wrestling" which could mean anything but when you go inside it's pretty strictly about judging the women's sexual appeal. With no male equivalent my impression of what this community is like wasn't as favorable as it could be which is why I mentioned not being interested in being harassed in my introduction thread. Looking around the forum now I feel my initial judgment was wrong, in most cases, but now it seems that the forum itself is inconsistent with what the community actually is. The double standard comes across as an administration choice and not a case of supply and demand.

    It's situations like these that further the gender gap in fandom communities. Most women see the discrepancy immediately and internalize it as an unfriendly place for women, or even dangerous. It feels unfortunate that there isn't more of an overlap between male dominated communities and female dominated communities because it seems each is on the same page about everything but each would have a lot to offer the other.

    It's not my intention to cause trouble, I'm just wondering as to the thought process that went into this decision.
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