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Discussion in 'Elimination Chamber' started by Redboy123@, Feb 10, 2019.

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  1. Ngl that mens chamber match looks like it could be amazing. Ammirite guys?

    Any predictions in what's gonna happen in the match.

    I just hope Ali is the first man eliminated
  2. Yeah they got some good guys in there. The problem with Elimination Chamber is that its always that PPV in between Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania, so its always blatantly obvious who is going to win (Daniel Bryan this year)
  3. I have high hopes for this match there's some really good talent in there.
  4. In recent years it has been obvious. I can't remember if Wyatt winning it was precictable or not...
  5. No it totally was because Cena was the champion (went over at Royal Rumble to become 16 time) and then Orton won the Royal Rumble. And we all knew it wasnt going to be Cena vs Orton at Wrestlemania. Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton were in a program together. And were tag team champs at one point. So everyone knew that was gonna be the match
  6. Ah OK so it's been obvious since the PPV game back in 2017
  7. Lol, I have Ali making it to final two. Gotta build up the underdog story with him. He's probably going to be the first entrant and go straight to the end where he's beat by Bryan. Possibly setting up Ali vs Bryan at mania. That's how I would do it anyway. Also expecting AJ and Orton to build up their feud.
  8. Can't name you one interesting thing about the guy.
  9. Not to get too off topic, but I think this PPV should happen right after mania. What better way for new champions or retaining champions to prove themselves by walking right into hell after they’ve won the biggest match of their life?

    Any ways, yeah it’s got a good mix of stars and styles. Should be fun.
  10. I'm very happy Kofi has replaced Ali
    Someone who actually deserves the spot
  11. i would also much prefer kofi over someone whos as generic as an online caw
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  12. Chamber matches always tend to be good (with 2015 being the exception), so I think they're gonna do fine. Ali was the guy with the biggest chip on his shoulder, which I thought was gonna result in him taking all the big bumps of the match but Kofi's a great replacement. Looking forward to it