Merry Christmas from Damien Sandow

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  1. during his Arron "the idol" Stevens days
  2. :lol1: Pretty funny.
  3. Damien Sandow with no beard, is weird D:!
  4. Indeed haha, everyone remembered it was him though when he came back as Sandow.
  5. idk remeber at all? when was this and was this on raw?
  6. Must have been around 2006, when Sandow had his previous run in WWE as Aaron Stevens. And he was a Smackdown roster member so it most likely wasn't on RAW.
  7. idk even remeber him. was he that team with mcool for that bef time that tag team was around?
  8. He was one of her teacher's pets yes according to wikipedia.
  9. Merry Christmas!
  10. I thought I'd never be jealous of Damien Sandow, until 1:57. I think that's the reason he hasn't win any titles yet, I bet McMahon said ''You can either be a 10-time WWE champ, or slap Shelly Martinez's ass, which one do you choose?''. I dont blame Sandow, I would've choosen the same option.
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