Merry Xmas

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  1. Want to wish everyone a merry xmas today is the day where:

    1.We are forced to see our families to start a conversation
    2.We gotta crank up the music real loud to mute the whining of a spoiled sibling who doesn't get what they want
    3.We gotta talk about school, work and marriage
    4.We gotta stop playing on these forums to be at a dinner table
    5.We gotta get out of our pajamas

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  2. I have it easier than others I guess. lol Have a good one CM!
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    Merry sexmas[​IMG]
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    Merry Christmas. Granted I celebrated on the 24th as is tradition.

    Santa sleeps now until he is needed again.
  5. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!
  6. Let's see what we all got:
    1.Record Player
    2.iPod 5th gen touch (unexpected, relative worked at target and they were on sale for cheap, 60 GB)
    3.Neck Deep Life's Not Out to Get You Red/Yellow vinyl
    4.August Burns Red Found In Far Away Places Limited Edition Clear Vinyl (only 500 in existence)
    5.HP color wireless printer
    6.New Flannels
    7.New Jeans
    9.Professional Picture of NYC subway Fulton St Plaza turnstile
    10.Lottery Scratch Offs, won nothing lol
    11.Reese's PB cups (the huge ones)
    12.Xbox One with Gears of War ULTIMATE DL (Extremely unexpected, me and my brother [The former user known as rko2006] never even asked for a new gen console, folks were just shocked we never asked for video games this year due to the new gen console and found a hell of a deal for us)
  7. Merry Christmas and St. Stephen.
  8. You should appreciate family, it's the only simple thing about life. Fuck presents, this is why Thanksgiving is a great day. Peaceful family time with no obligations. I'd rather buy myself shit and bring a dish to christmas than worry about making people happy when they know what they already want.

    Family is important, and if you cannot get along with them, realize it is a microcosm of life and enjoy the fact you can agree to disagree as long as you can still be friendly in the end. That is what is important about the holidays, in my book at least.
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  9. I got some things but my grandma's spot is empty so it was rough. Aids is right
  10. You and your bro were an IWT tag team...:dawg:

    Don't celebrate Christmas. I'm glad since my family is extremely greedy (not nuclear, but extended). We shower them with gifts and yet they still hate us.
  11. Lol yeah I remember, we were some kind of panda related shit, rko moved on from rasslin, I'm sorta following
  12. Honestly in the end I just didn't care, in fact I didn't even care that much about what I wanted since I already got some jobs anyway. But it was surpirising what I got anyway. Fam a little broken following a few incidents in 2014 but shit is rebuilding
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