Messi breaks record

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  1. Why hasn't anyone made this yet? Seriously 86 goals in a year is a phenomenal achievement and I can only see himself eclipsing it tbh.
  2. I heard bout it yesterday but was meh on making a thread as yes its awesome but i kinda dont care as he is the greatest in the world right now so these things are expected. He may even be GOAT.
  3. Ronaldo isn't even close to his level.

    League of his own.
  4. Well Ronaldo is only 20 goals off his level and doesn't have arguably the two greatest midfielders behind him, but yeah, Messi is the GOAT.
  5. Can't stand that little ****, but yeah, he's unparalleled.
  6. No he isnt the greatest of all times, not even close to it, he lacks success at the international stage.


    Wrong. The actual record holder is Zambian football Godfrey Chitalu who scored 107 goals in the year of 1972. So Messi is still in 2nd, and a long way behind.
  7. One player can't ensure international success though he has to have others round to help.

    An fair enough the Zambia FA are challenging. Interesting that they are only doing this now though.
  8. So you are saying that guys like Aguero Tevez Riquelme Mascherano Cambiasso Higauin Zanetti are nothing?
  9. Never stated which record tbf so it's still correct for a Spanish football team. Also either way it's still a European record :pity1:
  10. Chitalu's record is actually unofficial. Chitalu's 107 goal record was never recognized by FIFA and is now being investigated by an independent team of researchers.
  11. I have to agree with you Messi has achieved quite a lot over this year :dawg:
  12. People don't mention that Muller's record was 6 games less than Messi though.
  13. Zico is the recorder, it happened in 1979. Do your math, folks.
  14. Guys , guys , guys.....:smug:[​IMG]
    goles =goals
    amistosos =friendly matches Si=YES!
  15. Is that George Best or Beckenbaur?
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