Messi is not that friendly.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Roi, Feb 1, 2013.

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  1. Messi and the barca are just like cena .
    They are meant to be the royal , fair , clean , friendly , respectful team that beats everybody and has a huge respect for everyone . However this is not like this. They actually have a dark side .
    With laporta as president . They had the Russian mafia involve in barca.
    Well , I'm writing this cuz after the last clasico.
    Dani Alves said not really friendly stuff about Arbeloa and the Real Madrid. Saying that barca would never insult some guy of the other team.
    Lets see what that dwarf called messi (who is supposed to be a nice guy , friendly and polite not like cristiano who is rude or mourinho who gave he's award to the best trainer of the year to charity , despite this , he still rude)
  2. Thoughts? My thoughts are that this means nothing. It literally means nothing and has no reflection on what Messi is like in real life as a person. Barcelona and Madrid have a very intense rivalry, so stuff like this happens all the time. I'm sure he regrets what he said.

    Nothing needs to be made of it at all. Every "nice" footballer has made mistakes.
  3. Well, that's a one sided story to tell isn't it?

    What about the stuff said by Aitor Karanka and Mr. Arbeloa? How come that wasn't reported???
  4. Don't think this means much tbh, everyone loses it once in a while and I'm not even sure that car park one is even real, hell even Paul Scholes has lost it and he's the biggest professional I've ever seen.
  5. Reports :haha:

    Meh.. Let them be.
  6. Jose Callejon confirmed all this stuff this morning.
    Messi waited one hour for arbeloa in the car park and insult him in front of his wife
  7. Tbh, this sounds like a Kelly Kelly thread to me..
  8. Not really I just wanted to posted that messi insulted karanka and arbeloa after the match
  9. Jose Callejon, a REAL MADRID player confirmed it...

    Oh my, that must mean it is real isn't it?
  10. Actually it was.
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