Metal Gear Solid 5 Finally Confirmed

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    If you're a video gamer with good taste, then you're probably a MGS fan. It's finally been confirmed (after months of speculation) that a 5th entry is being made. There's no way (after the way MGS4 ended) that this is a sequel to that, so I'm guessing it takes place in the past. I just hope it's not yet another Big Boss prequel and they actually return some of the focus on Solid Snake again.
  2. HUGE, makes me glad to have a ps3. I still remember the change from the 9/11 deal when people were butthurt as hell. This is one of the few games people will literally wait YEARS for.
  3. Awesome! :emoji_slight_smile:) I can't play it tho, me being in the dorm and all
  4. holy shit on tits! Hopefully this has online play. Idk if any of you have ever played MGS4 online. Even though filled with lagginess and glitches it was my all time favorite online game. Hopefully they will have fixed these problems if it has online play
  5. Unless they continue with the story and have snake support raiden..... Hmmm...

    Could be good
  6. Never played any of the games due to have 360.
  7. MGS games are games people go out and buy systems just to play lol


    nah its probably gonna be like MGS3 where you play as Big Boss. Raiden is occupied in that shitty spin-off Rising anyway
  8. Likewise that everyone bought a 360 when Halo 3 was released?
  9. not me :emoji_grin:. i think halo is highly overrated
  10. I love the Halo franchise, Spent hundreds of hours playing that game online.
  11. Found my PS3 slim yesterday, and I thought it was broken, plugged it in and it's completely fine so I'll be playing this game. The only game I play on PS3.
  12. You found your PS3? Hah!
  13. I hate the fact that you have pay to play online for the XBOX.
  14. Lmfao yeah, it was in my brothers room under his bed at the best, behind the old cat bed we had. That's how good the PS3 is.

    But yeah, free online, decent game, it's worth dusting it off and playing.
  15. Ha, wish I had the luxury of having a PS3 under the bed, but I guess I'm happy with the 360, just for the simplest thing that Xbox Live is so much better.
  16. PS3 is da bomb. shut yo mouth boy
  17. Xbox > PS3 all day long.
  18. i will refer you to my sig for my response
  19. On a scale of 1 to about to jizz, guess how excited I am? I've been waiting for this day for too long.
  20. Le wild promo picture appears

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